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Here at Jaffe Electric Company, we have fostered a sterling reputation throughout the Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas for providing high quality residential electric services. In fact, we pride ourselves on being dependable and punctual, and for providing affordable rates.

Our Residential Electric Services

The following are the residential services that we provide:

Why You Should Choose Jaffe Electric

We have been serving the Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas since we were established in 1992. This means that we have been around for more than 23 years, a fact that speaks to the quality of our business – very few businesses make it more than five years without a positive reputation, after all.

Additionally, we provide superior residential electrical service by staffing only the most knowledgeable electricians that boast exceptional qualifications.

  • Our electrical service – As a responsible electric company, we have always been fully licensed and insured and will continue to be. Although all of our electricians are highly trained and qualified in order to provide the best workmanship possible, we also strive to provide the best possible customer service.
  • We want our customers to not only feel like they can depend on our services, but to also feel comfortable speaking and communicating with our electricians. We aren’t just trying to meet customer expectations – we are trying to exceed them.
  • Our residential electricians – We hold all of our electricians to a high standard in order to provide the quality, integrity and professionalism that each and every one of our customers deserves. We achieve this by making sure our staff is highly trained, not only in terms of the electrical work, but also in terms of communicating with our customers in a clear and respectful manner, from the initial planning stages to the design.
  • As far as the work goes, we make sure that we stay ahead of the game by providing our staff with continuing education in order to keep up with the advancements made within our highly competitive industry. This ensures that they are continually improving both their skills and their performance.

In addition to our excellent services, we also provide competitive pricing and fast, efficient scheduling so that our interaction with our customers is as convenient for them as possible.

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We care greatly about the quality of our work as well as the service to our customers. For more information about our residential electric services or to request a free estimate, be sure to contact us at Jaffe Electric Company today.

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