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Jaffe Electric, Inc. is a full-service, commercial electrical service provider in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia area. Whether you just need one light fixture replaced or computer network wiring installed, or you’re building out one tenant space or an entirely new office building, we can do your commercial electrical job quickly and efficiently.

Our professional, licensed electricians take pride in their work, understand the importance of maintaining a clean work environment, and are committed to making sure that each and every customer is 100% satisfied before leaving the job.

From new commercial buildings to historic commercial buildings our professional team of licensed electricians can install new electrical devices and make them look like they’ve always been in place. Our team specializes in installing wiring with no or minimal damage to existing walls and ceilings. Request an estimate online or call us at 301.253.3778 for help with your commercial electrical needs!

 Affordable Commercial Electrician in MD, DC & Northern VA

Whether your commercial electrical needs are big or small, Jaffe Electric is ready to help. Contact us today at 301.253.3778 for an affordable commercial electrician in the DMV area.

Our team of qualified electricians can help you with all of your commercial electrical needs, including:

Choose Jaffe Electric for Your Commercial Electrical Services

Jaffe Electric has been serving the Washington, DC area for over 25 years. We believe in offering excellent electrical services at affordable prices, and have built a strong reputation by keeping these values since our business first opened in 1992. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of electrical services, no matter what the job involves.

Call us today at 301.253.3778 or contact us online to schedule a commercial electrical service call in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia area!  

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Electrical Services

What’s the difference between commercial and residential electrical work?

In residential applications, the power is a single, split-phase 240-volt system that can be center-tapped to provide two 120-volt legs. Commercial power is often three-phase with two 120-volt legs and one 208-volt leg. For heavy-duty applications, two 277-volt legs and one 408-volt leg are used. More robust high-temperature thermoplastic insulation is required for commercial wiring, and more training is often required for commercial electricians, as the electrical codes are different.

I manage a commercial space, but our wiring is pretty basic — do I still need a commercial electrician?

It is always better to hire a qualified commercial electrician such as our team at Jaffe Electric to complete any commercial electrical work you may have. Hiring unqualified personnel, general maintenance personnel, or a residential electrician could expose you to electrical dangers, injuries, or liability issues, not to mention the ire of the local electrical inspector. At Jaffe Electric, we are qualified and well-equipped to handle any commercial electrical work you need to be done, and we serve businesses throughout Damascus, Bethesda, Frederick, Rockville, and the surrounding areas.

Can you handle specialty electrical work, like EV charger installations or parking lot lighting services?

Yes! At Jaffe Electric, we can install electric vehicle chargers for businesses, as well as residential applications. We also perform installation, repair, and maintenance services for commercial parking lot lights, sign lights, and more. If reliable power is an issue for your business, we also offer commercial generator services. Contact our team online or call (301) 253-3778 for questions about any other specialty electrical services you may have.

How can our business verify that it meets all electrical code requirements?

At Jaffe Electric, we can inspect your commercial electrical system and recommend repairs and upgrades that will bring your facility up to code. We can work closely with your maintenance personnel to make the process as painless as possible. Our commercial electrical inspection and code correction services are especially beneficial to Maryland businesses that have recently moved to a new building or location.

Do you have more questions about our commercial electrical services? Call (301) 253-3778 or contact us online to speak with our experts today!

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