Pool & Hot Tub Wiring in Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern Virginia

What can be more exciting than installing a new swimming pool or hot tub for you and your family to enjoy for years to come? Imagine ending your stress-filled day by slipping into a steaming, bubbling hot tub as the day’s troubles ease away. Enjoying your backyard pool or hot tub can be one of life’s great pleasures, providing your installation is professional and your wiring is done correctly.

Swimming pool installation and hot tub wiring are part of Jaffe Electric Company’s many professional electrical services. Jaffe electricians have been serving the needs of homeowners and businesses in and around Montgomery County since 1992. Our customers know the Jaffe name is synonymous with satisfaction.

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Electricians Specializing in New Pool Wiring & Hot Tub Wiring

Jaffe Electric understands your family counts on your swimming pool and hot tub wiring to be done correctly, the first time. That’s why our goal is your complete satisfaction. Our experience and know-how guarantee your swimming pool and hot tub wiring job will be completed on time, within your budget, so you can start relaxing and having fun.

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Does Your Pool Wiring & Hot Tub Wiring Meet Electrical Codes in DC, MD & VA?

As with all of our electrical projects, the safety of your home and family is of utmost importance to us. Water and electricity can be a deadly combination. It’s crucial to have a professional electrician complete your wiring. Not only will Jaffe provide you with affordable swimming pool and hot tub wiring, but we’ll do so in a safe and timely manner, knowing you can’t wait for that first soak.

When it comes to swimming pool and hot tub wiring, there are very specific requirements and guidelines which must be followed:

  • Placement. The location of your pool or hot tub and the electrical components is crucial to the safety of you, your family, and guests. It’s never a good idea to have your swimming pool or hot tub wiring installed by anyone other than a certified electrician. Electrical wiring is not, and should never be, a DIY project. What you think you may save monetarily could end up costing you dearly.
  • Codes. Local electrical codes vary from city to city, and sometimes even by neighborhood! Your local electricians at Jaffe are well versed in the codes and laws for hot tub and swimming pool wiring.

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Summer is fleeting in the DC area, and you want to squeeze as much fun out of those outdoor-friendly months as possible. Your swimming pool can be “fun central” in no time when you count on Jaffe to get your pump, filter, heater, and lighting working safely and efficiently.

Many homeowners in the area enjoy their hot tubs year-round. Relax in your own private hot tub, no matter the weather, when Jaffe Electric handles your swimming pool and hot tub wiring. You’ll know it’s done right when Jaffe professionals are in charge. For your swimming pool and hot tub wiring, and all your electrical needs, contact Jaffe Electric online or call us at 301.253.3778.

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