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Appropriate lighting does far more than illuminate dark rooms. It creates a warm, inviting space for family and friends in the home. And in the workplace, it can reduce eye fatigue and headaches and help prevent accidents through increased visibility.

Family-owned and -operated, Jaffe Electric has over 30 years of experience providing home and business owners in the greater Washington, DC, region with a full range of lighting services. From small household projects to complex commercial applications, our highly trained technicians get the job done right for a fair price.


Our Lighting Services

An outdoor patio illuminated with well-placed lighting.

Jaffe Electric specializes in:

  • Accent lighting, including recessed lighting, wall sconces, LEDs, and dimmable lighting fixtures, that lets you enjoy your home decor to its fullest, creating dimension and highlighting artwork.
  • Lighting design to enhance a home’s or business’s appearance and provide the safety and security needed.
  • Dimmer switch installation to help you easily control any room’s lighting, save on energy costs, and create just the right level of ambiance.
  • Light fixture replacement of outdated or inexpensive builder-grade fixtures with newer, more energy-efficient versions is a cost-effective way to give your home a face-lift while cutting your energy bills.
  • Indoor lighting installation that ensures the safety of your home, business, and the people who live and work there. Our skilled electricians have the knowledge and expertise required to install everything from recessed lights to wall-mounted lamps and sconces.
  • Landscape lighting designed to improve your home’s or business’s security while adding architectural interest to green spaces.
  • Commercial LED lighting to help offices, retailers, healthcare facilities, and more reduce energy costs and meet all their indoor and outdoor lighting needs.
  • Outdoor lighting installation that replaces simple porch lights with creative fixtures that extend your living space and keep everyone safe and secure.
  • Outdoor security lighting to increase the safety and security of your home or commercial property, including parking lot lighting that’s essential to visitor and employee security.
  • Pendant lighting installation to add beauty to your home while providing a concentrated light source wherever you need it.
  • Recessed lighting is a flexible, cost-effective choice you can use throughout your home or business. Easy to install and unobtrusive, recessed lighting is ideal for both ambient and accent light applications.
  • Track lighting has traditionally been used to accent specific objects, but today’s home and business owners are also using them as a space-saving solution for task lighting.

Emergency Lighting Services

Need an electrician now? Jaffe Electric provides 24-hour emergency electrical services seven days a week! We’re ready when you need us!

Don’t settle for “good enough” lighting! Our experienced, qualified residential and commercial electricians are the best choice for any lighting service your Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia home or business needs.

To learn more about all our services, contact us online or call us at 301-253-3778.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting Services

What are the main types of lighting?

Task, accent, and ambient or general lighting work together in your home or business to minimize shadows, highlight visually interesting areas, and provide overall illumination. Depending on a room’s function, all three types can be used to create spaces for relaxation, working, and sharing time with friends and family.

How many recessed lights should I use per room?

This is a common question that has no simple answer. Many variables come into play when installing recessed lighting, including a ceiling’s height, the room’s overall lighting needs, and the type of recessed downlight you want to use. Many home and business owners often opt to “overlight” certain rooms or areas and then control recessed lights with dimmers.

What are the benefits of dimmers?

Dimmers can be a highly functional lighting choice, allowing you to vary the amount of light used in given areas. They also help you save on electricity costs and increase bulb life.

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