Commercial LED Lighting Installers in MD, DC & VA

Light Emitting Diode, or LED lighting, is revolutionizing the commercial lighting industry for many reasons. From offices, to healthcare, hospitality, and many other commercial industries, LED lighting is helping keep business in the black. Commercial LED lights require very little maintenance, use up to 90% less energy than traditional lights, and can potentially last for decades.

This versatile form of commercial lighting can be used to meet every industrial lighting need your business may have, including:

  • LED Indoor lighting
  • Warehouse LED lighting
  •  Showroom lighting
  • Security lighting

The licensed electricians at Jaffe Electric have trained commercial LED lighting installers on staff who can help your business design and implement a commercial LED lighting system. Contact us today!

Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

When LED lighting is used in showrooms, retail establishments, or anywhere your customer comes to view your wares, you can be sure your inventory, or models will be shown in the best light. Unlike spotty incandescent, or too-harsh fluorescent lighting, LED provides a lighting option similar to true daylight. That is the preferred lighting for many businesses in the DC metro area.

LED’s glow also improves productivity as it keeps your employees from having that “cooped up” feeling. No more harsh glare at work stations, making it difficult to see computer screens and monitors and robbing you of valuable time. Suddenly, your work environment takes on a friendly feel as the illumination casts a sunny glow. Clients, patients, customers and employees all react in a positive way to LED lighting.

LED lights are safe for you, your patrons, employees and the environment. Because LED emit no dangerous UV rays, or infrared radiation, they are much safer than traditional forms of commercial lighting. The next wave in commercial lighting is much more earth-friendly than its counterparts as LED lights emit nothing that will contribute to global warming, or emit unsafe chemicals into the air, and won’t tax our natural resources. LED lighting lasts for years.

Industrial LED Lighting Solutions in the DC Metro

With so much flexibility in placement, due to the safety and long life of LED lights, businesses can now opt for more lighting. That formerly dark corner of the warehouse can be well-lit and utilized. Ambient lighting for safety will now help to guide your potential clients, and your employees, safely through your structure, eliminating slip-and-fall injuries.

Gentle LED light lends itself to creating lightscapes that will accentuate any exterior landscaping. The ease and flexibility of placement means your walkways and outdoor spaces will be well-lit and secure. When you utilize LED lighting in your place of business, your options are endless.

Choose Jaffe Electric’s Commercial LED Lighting Installers

Jaffe Electric began helping customers in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area over 20 years ago. Since then we have built a successful business by providing every customer we visit or speak too with superior service, knowledgeable and highly qualified electricians, and affordable pricing. No matter what job you call us for, you can be assured that you are getting the best in electrical services.

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If you’re considering money-saving commercial LED lighting, there’s no better design and installation team than the licensed electricians at Jaffe Electric. We will come up with the optimum lighting plan to showcase your inventory, increase office productivity, and provide a safe and secure environment, both inside and out, for customers and employees alike.

Jaffe Electric will provide you with a quote we’re sure can’t be beat. Our ultimate goal is a satisfied customer and we don’t consider the job done until you consider it well-done.

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