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If you are building a new home, or you are renovating your existing home, you may need to have new outlets installed throughout your home. Installing outlets need to be well planned out, so that each outlet in your home is useful, installing outlets also means that you are likely in need of some tricky electrical work.

The team at Jaffe Electric is well-trained when it comes to outlet installation—both for residential and commercial buildings. We can provide your home or business with outlets that are up to code, work correctly, and all without leaving a mess in your home or causing major disruptions to your business operations. We understand that getting electrical work right the first time is important. Our qualified electricians have all the training in the latest products and techniques, and can help you install high quality outlets throughout your home or office.

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Outlet Installation in Maryland From Jaffe Electric

While you may have considered doing your own electrical work, getting it right is important, especially when it comes to installing outlets. There is a lot of specialty work involved and having an expert who knows what they are doing perform the installation, will let you know that your outlets are wired correctly and your home is safe. From finding the right breaker or fuse, to making sure the right wires are used, outlet installation is better left to the professionals.

The highly trained electricians at Jaffe Electric can help you with your outlet installation. Whether you are replacing existing outlets and wiring, or you are looking to add brand new outlets to your home or office, our professional staff will work with you so that we can get the job done the first time.

While some other electrical businesses may not offer low-cost outlet installation services, here at Jaffe Electric we take pride in every job, no matter how big or small. It doesn’t matter to us if it is just one new outlet you need, or if it is ten, we are happy to help you with all of your electrical needs. We offer all of our services at affordable prices, giving you the highest quality that works within your budget.

Why Choose Jaffe Electric for Outlet Installation?

Jaffe Electric began helping customers in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas over 20 years ago. Since then we have built a successful business by providing every customer we visit or speak too with superior service, knowledgeable and highly qualified electricians, and affordable pricing. No matter what job you call us out on, you can be assured that you are getting the best in electrical services. Here at Jaffe Electric we are committed to staying in touch with what is going on in the electrical world, this means we are well trained in the latest technology and products. Our aim is to turn every new customer into a lifelong customer by providing the highest quality of electrical services.

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Jaffe Electric offers fast, efficient scheduling, excellent electrical sales, service and repair by highly trained electricians as well as competitive pricing. This strategy is what sets us apart from our competition and has made us leaders in the electrical service field in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia.

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