Underground Electrical Cable Installation in DC, MD & VA

Whether residential or commercial, underground wiring is the easiest, most economical, and most visually appealing type of electrical wiring available today. Although installation of overhead electrical lines may be more cost-friendly initially, underground wiring installation means your wiring is less exposed, therefore less apt to sustain damage or degradation.

Have a new construction project in the Baltimore or DC area that needs underground wiring? Or do you need to replace old, outdated electrical cables? Call Jaffe Electric at (301) 253-3778 or contact us online for underground electrical wiring today!

Installing Underground Wiring in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Homes and businesses in and around the Montgomery County, MD area benefit greatly from converting their old, outdated exterior wiring. To replace your overhead wiring and go underground can be expensive, but at Jaffe Electric, we’ll work with you to ensure the best price. We also provide a free estimate, so you’ll know the cost of your investment in underground wiring before we begin.

Why Install Underground Electrical Cables?

  • Saves space. Underground wiring doesn’t need a lot of space to be installed, as there are no support elements, such as poles, required for stabilization.
  • Flexible. You can install underground wiring without encroaching on easement or your neighbors’ property and choose exactly where you need power to go.
  • Direct. Whatever the reason you need electrical wiring, underground installation is the optimum method of delivering electricity where you need it.

For those who already have underground electrical wiring for their home or business, connecting exterior lighting, security systems, pool filters, hot tubs, or the like should only be attempted by a licensed electrical contractor. Jaffe Electric Company is your source for any and all electrical installation.

Our professional electricians will work within your budget to ensure your new underground wiring installation is done on budget and on time. Contact us today!

Electricians for Underground Wire Repair in the DMV

No matter how durable your underground electrical wiring, there may come a time when you require repairs. Breaks in the insulated covering can result in degradation to your wiring, which can result in intermittent electricity, lights flashing off and on, fuses and breakers tripping, outlets that just stop working. Jaffe Electric can have your underground wiring repaired and operating safely in no time.

Call Jaffe Electric for Underground Wiring Services in MD, VA & DC

Jaffe Electric Company is licensed and certified to install underground wiring in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Our technicians have a combined 35 years on the job. We’re available for any job of any budget. If you need underground wiring work for your home or commercial building, contact Jaffe Electric Company today.

For any kind of underground electrical installation from outdoor lighting to converting your outdated overhead wiring to underground—trust the expert contractors at Jaffe Electric. For over two decades we’ve been serving our neighbors in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Homeowners and businesses alike know that when it comes to Jaffe Electric, no job is too big or too small.

Get an estimate on underground wiring services throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia by calling Jaffe Electric at (301) 253-3778 or filling out our online form

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