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Ceiling fans add value to any home. Not only can they complement any decor, but a ceiling fan can assist your home’s heating and cooling system in maintaining efficiency in summer and winter. The ideal fan in just the right place can make a noticeable difference in your home’s comfort and your power bill.

Today’s ceiling fans come in so many styles it can be overwhelming to browse the selection at your local home improvement store. Not only is there a ceiling fan for every taste, you have fans that are operated by remote, as well as wall switches. You can use a remote to alter the direction and speed of your fan, a must for those with vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings, or atriums.

Professional ceiling fan installation is essential. For the novice handyman, or the most experienced home improvement guru, working with the electrical components of your house isn’t recommended. One mistake can end up costing thousands of dollars, and possibly create the potential for fire, or electrical shock. For your ceiling fan installation, it’s imperative that you hire an electrician.

If you need ceiling fan installation in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, DC, contact Jaffe Electric today. We provide standard ceiling fan installation for only $250! We also ceiling fan repair.

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Safe, Professional Installation by Jaffe Electric

Safety is a major factor in ceiling fan placement. Did you know that the standard mounting brackets in most ceilings are not designed to support the weight of a ceiling fan? Using an inadequate mounting bracket can result in the ceiling fan falling and breaking—or worse, injuring someone underneath.

  • Your fan’s blades must be a minimum of 7 feet above the floor, and one and a half feet from the wall. This is best for air flow as well as the safety of your guests. Measure your ceiling fan to ensure the proper fit before ceiling fan installation.
  • For those with cathedral ceilings, or vaulted ceilings, placement needs to be a little more precise. The optimum height is between seven and 10 feet above the floor.

Make sure your ceiling fan installation is done right by contacting Jaffe Electric—many customers can tell you themselves why you should choose us! The master electricians at Jaffe have experience in installation of ceiling fans, as well as all of your other household electrical concerns. Jaffe Electric has been doing business in the Montgomery County area for more than two decades. Our business is built on the kind of trust you find in a hometown contractor. Customer service and satisfaction is our goal.

Proper placement is key to gaining the most from your ceiling fan, and safety and security are especially critical. You don’t want a ceiling fan that wobbles, or could come crashing down at any moment. Nor do you want a ceiling fan that’s a fire hazard by its improper installation.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

Not all fans are created the same, and they don’t all serve the same purpose. You already know that, by changing direction of your fan, you can make your space cooler or warmer as you desire. The size of the room, or space where your ceiling fan installation will take place, determines the size of the fan you need.

A fan that’s too large can be overwhelming, where as a too-small fan simply won’t do the job. A fan above a dining table need not be so powerful as to blow the food off your plate, and a fan in a recreation area needs to be large enough to ensure ventilation for the comfort of your family and friends.

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For safe and secure ceiling fan installation count on Jaffe Electric. We offer competitive pricing for ceiling fan installation in Maryland, charging only $250 for standard installation.

Contact us for your fan installation and all your electrical needs. We also provide professional ceiling fan repair if you’re looking for that instead of installation!

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