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Attic exhaust fans are a wonderful addition to your home. An attic fan is one of the home mechanisms that save you money on so many levels. An attic fan installation is a very wise investment, indeed.

You might be wondering just how this one single device is worthy of so much praise. How will installing an attic fan in your Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia home save you money? Is it necessary to hire someone to install this money-saving miracle? What about maintenance?

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Why Install Attic Exhaust Fans

All attics are ventilated to some degree; they have to be. Soffits and gable vents allow air to circulate minimally to avoid letting your attic get overheated. This ventilation system is passive in that it’s entirely dependent upon the outside air to move the fans and cause the air to circulate. Though efficient enough to prevent your attic from turning into an oven, this form of ventilation won’t prevent moisture buildup.

Some benefits to installing an attic exhaust fan include:

  • Keeping your attic cool and dry
  • Preventing moisture buildup in your attic
  • Preserving your attic insulation
  • Preventing wood rot
  • Reducing monthly energy bills
  • And more!

Attic exhaust fan installation primarily serves to keep your attic cool and dry. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic area, the humidity can get pretty intense. You probably have a home cooling system and may not notice the intensity of the humidity. However, moisture can build up in the attic of your home and wreak havoc on your roof tiles and shingles, causing warping, and eventually, degradation.

To prevent costly repairs due to moisture buildup, install attic fans in your Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia home with Jaffe Electric – contact our electricians online or call 301.253.3778.

Save Money by Installing Attic Exhaust Fans

In addition to preventing moisture buildup due to condensation from humidity in the air, attic exhaust fan installation also helps your heating and cooling systems operate efficiently. In the summer, as heat rises, your attic can become an oven.

Even though there are no heating and cooling ducts futilely blowing cool air into your overheated attic space, the heat radiating from your attic is sure to impact your AC system, causing it to work harder, thus increasing your power bills and putting a strain on your cooling system. When your attic maintains a lower temperature, your AC need not work so hard.

Ultimately, however, attic exhaust fan installation protects the integrity of your roof. Warped shingles, or shingles that become heat and moisture damaged from the inside and fall off, can allow water to seep into your attic, along your roofline, and underneath your vent and chimney flashing. When water goes where it shouldn’t – between walls, in ceilings, along wall studs – the damage can be unsightly and costly.

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