Commercial Electrical Upgrades & Heavy Ups

If you need any kind of electrical upgrades of heavy ups in your office or retail space, we can provide it here at Jaffe Electric. We can handle any kind of electrical job you need, no matter how big or small the job might be.

Contact us today and let us service your MD, DC, or VA commercial upgrade project. 

Commercial Electrical Upgrades in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

Our technicians at Jaffe Electric have the skills, training, and experience to provide a huge variety of different commercial electrical upgrades in a manner that is both safe and effective. In fact, if you are having any electrical issues with devices throughout your office or retail space, we can make the necessary upgrades to ensure that they function properly.

Some of our Maryland, DC, and Virginia commercial upgrade services:

  • USB Wall Outlets
  • HDMI and Cat 6 Ethernet ports
  • Entire Lighting Systems
  • Electrical Circuits
  • New Phone Systems
  • Advanced Security Systems
  • Wireless Dimmer Switches

Some of these commercial electrical upgrades may seem minor, but they can have a big impact on the productivity and function of your business. They can even improve the safety and energy efficiency of your space, which in turn can help to lower some of your monthly overhead costs.

Commercial Heavy Ups

If you run a Maryland, DC, or Virginia office or retail business in a space that’s more than a few decades old, then you may need a heavy up. A heavy up is an upgrade in the amperage coming into the building in order to handle a bigger electrical load.

Older buildings were often built at a time when people simply didn’t rely on as many electrical appliances and devices as we do now, which means that your building may not be able to handle your electrical needs. There are a number of signs to look out for indicating that your office or retail space is in need of a heavy up. These include the following:

  • Your circuit breakers keep shutting off regularly.
  • Your building’s service panel uses fuses instead of circuit breakers.
  • The lights in your space flicker whenever an appliance or device that draws a heavier electrical load is turned on.
  • You are upgrading appliances or devices in your office or retail space that you know will increase your electrical needs.

A heavy up is one of the biggest upgrades you can make, which means that you’ll want to make sure you hire an experienced, reliable, and trustworthy service to perform your heavy up. Here at Jaffe Electric, we don’t just have experience with minor electrical upgrade;, we can perform major work as well – including commercial heavy ups.

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