Kitchen Electrical Wiring in Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern VA

If you have an older kitchen space, then you may need to upgrade your kitchen’s electrical wiring. It’s worth remembering that older homes weren’t built with modern kitchen design in mind – meaning that most new kitchen appliances and tools have way more capabilities than they ever did before, demanding a higher electrical capacity from your kitchen’s electrical wiring.

For kitchen electrical wirings services in Maryland, Washington, DC, or the Northern Virginia areas there’s only one electrician you need to know—Jaffe Electric! From attic and ceiling fans to outdoor lighting, kitchen appliances and dedicated circuits for your kitchen, call our Maryland electricians.

Maryland’s Kitchen Wiring Experts

Many homeowners depend on all kinds of upgraded kitchen appliances, from double ovens and warming drawers to French door refrigerators and wine chillers, to provide convenience and function to their homes. However, if you have an older Maryland home, your kitchen wiring may not be able to handle this load.

There are a number of specific reasons why you may need to upgrade your home’s kitchen wiring. These include:

  • Code compliancy – In order to meet local building codes, you’ll need to have separate circuits for certain kitchen appliances that require a large electrical load, such as dishwashers and electrical ranges. If the entire kitchen is on the same shared circuit, then you risk overloading it the more appliances are in use. Some kitchen outlets may be on shared circuits with other rooms as well, especially in older homes.
  • Kitchen upgrades, remodels, and renovations – If you’re planning on upgrading the appliances in your kitchen or you’re adding more appliances to your existing layout, you may need to upgrade your kitchen wiring in order to handle the extra load. Likewise, kitchen remodels and renovations often require re-wiring. If you don’t, you’re more likely to experience an overloaded circuit, which could end up damaging your new appliances.
  • Outdated wiring – Older kitchens may use aluminum wiring or could have improper connections. If you have aluminum wiring, then you should have it replaced. Improper connections should be repaired as well. Both of these things can increase the risk of malfunctions, which in turn could result in electrical fires starting in your kitchen.

Why Call Jaffe Electric?

Here at Jaffe Electric, we’ve earned a stellar reputation throughout Maryland for the quality of all of our electrical work, including our kitchen wiring services. All of our electricians are highly trained, experienced and skilled, and have access to high quality equipment required to do the job right.

Additionally, we are known for our exceptional customer service. It’s incredibly easy to schedule a kitchen wiring inspection with one of our technicians at a competitive rate. We will send someone out to your home or business at a time that’s convenient for you in order to thoroughly inspect your kitchen wiring. We will determine what your load capabilities are, what your load needs are and the current condition and safety of your kitchen wiring before we suggest any solutions.

If you have an older home, then there’s a good chance that your kitchen isn’t wired to handle the load of your kitchen appliances.

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