Commercial Light Pole Repair in MD, DC & VA

Light Pole Repairs in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Light poles serve many important functions in your parking lot and around your buildings. Ideally, commercial light poles offer a hands-off method of improving safety and security. Both customers and employees rely on commercial light poles and outdoor lighting for comfort and visibility, so it’s critical that you take care of burnt out or flickering lights when you see them.

Jaffe Electric serves businesses in Maryland and the surrounding DMV area with commercial light pole repair and replacements. Our electricians are experienced with outdoor wiring, security lighting, LED light poles, and more.

Call us at 301.253.3778 or request a free estimate online for commercial light pole repair in Maryland today.

Repairing a Light Pole, Parking Lot Light, or Street Light

Don’t risk your safety or endanger an employee by attempting to fix a light pole or even just replace the bulb. The problem may need a ballast replacement or other electrical repair anyway!

In a worst case scenario, someone could be electrocuted by a damaged light pole or injured while trying to fix one. Licensed commercial electricians use ladders or bucket trucks to reach light poles to change bulbs, and sometimes we need to rewire or replace the light fixture.

Jaffe Electric offers commercial light pole repair to help business owners and property managers get things illuminated reliably again. We know how to work with a wide variety of parking lot lighting and other light poles.

  • Fluorescent light pole repair
  • Ballast replacement
  • LED light pole repair
  • Underground wiring for outdoor lights
  • Street lamp post repair
  • And more!

Maryland Electricians for Commercial Light Pole Repair

We’re here to help our commercial clients with outdoor lighting repairs of all kinds. We can make a quick, affordable service call to change the bulb on a lamp post, and we can also handle the rewiring and light pole repair if your lighting has been damaged by an accident or storm.

Jaffe Electric employs fully licensed and insured electricians who are trained and educated on commercial lighting and wiring. Keep us on-call for light pole repair and other services, and you can run your business knowing that our electrical needs are taken care of the best electricians in Maryland.

Get an Estimate for Commercial Light Pole Repair in Maryland

Need a hand fixing a broken street light or parking lot light? Let the commercial electricians at Jaffe Electric take care of this important task. We serve Montgomery County as well as Washington, DC and the Northern Virginia area.

Request a free estimate at 301.253.3778 or schedule an appointment for commercial light pole repair in Maryland by Jaffe Electric.

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