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Installing Dedicated Circuitry in MD, DC, & VA Offices

If you are managing an office space, then making sure that the wiring is done properly is extremely important to the function of your business. Faulty wiring or poor wiring in general can cause potentially costly work disruptions, rendering it impossible for employees to continue working.

Here at Jaffe Electric, we can not only do all of your required office wiring, ensuring that everything is wired properly and safely, but we can also identify and repair any faulty wiring that is causing problems within the office. Contact us today.

Our Office Wiring Services

The following are just a few of the office wiring tasks that we can perform:

Dedicated Circuitry for Computers

If you don’t have dedicated circuitry for your computer systems and you have a large number of computers that need power, then you may be tripping your circuit breakers regularly, which leads to computer power outages that disrupt your company’s work.

We can set up a dedicated circuit so that your computers won’t overload a circuit shared with other electronic components in your office.

Dedicated Circuitry for POS Systems

If you are running a retail business, then your POS system probably uses up a lot of power. Like an office space that uses a large number of computers, you’re going to want to have a dedicated circuit set up for your POS system so that it can run without a risk of a power outage.

The last thing you’ll want is your POS system, which includes everything from cash drawers and receipt printers to computers and customer displays, from crashing as this will prevent you from being able to make any sales.

Security & Emergency Exit Lighting

You don’t want to risk your security and emergency exit lighting going out – especially at a time when there’s actually an emergency and your employees and customers need to evacuate your business space.

We will wire your security and emergency exit lighting properly and safely so that it will not fail when you need it most.


While your signage may not be as important as your security and emergency exit lighting, it still has a big impact on your business. Signage helps to draw the attention of potential customers to your place of business.

If your signage goes out, not only can it no longer perform the task it was intended to do, but it could reflect poorly on your company’s image. Electric signs that aren’t on tend to make a business look run down or careless.

Free Office Wiring Estimates

Your office and business space wiring is essential to keeping your business running. Not only can we make sure your signage and lighting are properly wired, we can set up dedicated circuits for your computer and POS systems. Additionally, proper wiring will help reduce the risk of potential electrical fires from breaking out.

If you need office wiring of any kind in MD, DC, or VA, be sure to contact us at Jaffe Electric to schedule an appointment today.

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