Green Electrician in Bethesda, Rockville & Silver Spring, MD

Our mission at Jaffe Electric is to promote energy conservation and emission reduction while delivering significant cost savings to our customers. By installing innovative lighting products and technologies, Jaffe Electric is able to upgrade your lighting systems and help save money and the environment.

This is so very important due to the alarming rate at which the United States and Canada are consuming energy. Studies have shown that in a typical commercial building, 40-50% of total energy costs are directly attributable to lighting. Not to mention, the additional costs that accumulate as a result of heat given off by the inefficient lighting that adds a higher demand on the air conditioning load.

Jaffe Electric has one basic goal: install lighting products that focus on reducing energy and the overall carbon footprint. Give us a call at (301) 253-3778 to schedule our green, eco-friendly electrical services in Montgomery County. To learn more and compare the benefits of LED, incandescent, and CFL lights, click here.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Montgomery County

With today’s increased focus on green energy, electric and hybrid vehicles continue to grow in popularity. With the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles also comes the demand for home and workplace EV charging stations. Jaffe Electric has the experience when it comes to wiring and installing a charging station in your Rockville home or business.

A level II charging station will cut your EV charging time effectively in half. That’s from 12-13 hours down to 4-6 hours! Your time is valuable, so get back on the road that much faster. Jaffe Electric has numerous installations in place already in the community, and we are more than happy to install an electric vehicle charger in your Maryland home.

To schedule your EV charger installation in Silver Spring or Bethesda, give Jaffe Electric a call today at (301) 253-3778.

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