Light Fixture Replacement in MD, DC & Northern VA

Light fixture replacement, whether out of necessity or due to aging or broken components, can be a tricky endeavor. Attempting to replace a light as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project isn’t always successful—and can be dangerous! Any time a homeowner attempts any electrical project as a DIY project, the opportunity for something to go wrong increases.

When you contact Jaffe Electric for your light fixture replacement project, you know your project will be done by qualified electrical contractors who are licensed and certified. Our professional electricians will complete your light fixture replacement affordably, and in a timely manner. Jaffe Electric employs knowledgeable and experienced electrical technicians, and your complete satisfaction is our first priority. That’s why we’re the preferred electrical contractor in the Montgomery County area — and have been for more than two decades.

Get your light fixtures replaced by a professional electrician! Call (301) 253-3778 or fill out our online form to get started. We serve customers through Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia including the communities of Alexandria and Bethesda.

We Replace Hard-to-Reach Light Fixtures

Light fixtures in ceilings, rooflines, and all sorts of out-of-the-way places can be difficult to replace. Not only can accessing the area be precarious but wiring the replacement fixture requires confidence in your electrical abilities. In addition to light fixture replacement in hard-to-reach areas of your home or business, Jaffe Electric can update your outdated and inefficient light fixtures, ceiling fans, and outdoor safety lighting as well.

When you need to replace a light in an area that’s not easily accessible, Jaffe Electric can help. Call (301) 253-3778 or contact us online to schedule your light fixture replacement today!

Signs You Need to Replace a Lighting Fixture

It’s not always obvious when you need light fixture replacement, but by paying attention to some definitive signs, you can avoid problems that could result in a bigger project than simply replacing your light fixture. Here are a few telltale indications you may need to replace your light fixture:

  • Lights flicker or come on and off
  • Bulbs burn out, or explode soon after replacement
  • Bulbs crack, or seem too bright
  • Fixture emits a hum or an unusual noise
  • Lighting color seems “off”
  • Lights don’t turn on, even after bulbs have been replaced
  • A noticeable jump in power bills, with no known explanation

If you notice any of these signs of faulty light fixtures, contact Jaffe Electric immediately. While replacing some light fixtures is cosmetic, many times, old fixtures simply give out due to degradation, which can affect your home’s electrical system. Schedule a time for Jaffe Electric to come inspect your light fixture and provide you with an affordable solution.

Replace Old Lights With New, Better-Looking Fixtures

Of course, as styles and decor change, so do lighting fixtures. In today’s interior and exterior decorating styles, lighting fixtures can make as much of a statement as furniture, paint, or accessories. New and updated light fixtures that create ambient, decorative, or accent lighting are popular statement pieces in any home. Sconces, chandeliers, and pendant lights can set the tone for your room as much as any quality piece of furniture.

Schedule Light Fixture Replacement With a DC-Area Electrician Today!

When considering light fixture replacement, or new light fixture installation, bring your ideas to the experts at Jaffe Electric. Our team of electricians will find the most affordable way for you to bump up your decor and light up your world.

Contact Jaffe Electric or call us at (301) 253-3778 today for your light fixture replacement and installation needs. We proudly serve the DMV area including Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Fairfax, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Reston, Rockville, Silver Spring, and Tyson. 

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