GFCI Breaker Installation & Repair in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) have saved thousands of lives over the years, while preventing even more injuries and appliance damage. While you probably already have GFCI outlets in the kitchen and other areas near plumbing, you may want a GFCI breaker for more complete protection.

For GFCI breaker installation, repair, or replacement in Maryland and the Greater DMV area, ask the fully licensed and insured electricians at Jaffe Electric to handle the job.

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When to Install GFCI Breakers in Your MD, VA & DC Home

By protecting every outlet on the circuit, using a GFCI breaker can be easier and more economical than replacing all the outlets with GFCI receptacles.

If you are remodeling or have discovered that your home has a bunch of standard outlets that should have ground fault circuit interrupters, you can simply switch to a GFCI breaker and leave the outlets as they are.

Some people prefer protection at the breaker for aesthetics. If replacing an old outlet would disturb a tile backsplash or damage the walls in an historic home, a GFCI breaker can save the day.

Another reason would be easy access. You can’t reach an outlet behind a washing machine, so you can’t hit the reset button if it trips. Add GFCI protection at the circuit breaker and you’re ready to go.

Areas where we recommend breaker protection (and where the NEC generally requires GFCI protection) include kitchens, bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, and outdoor circuits.

For GFCI breaker installation services in your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC home, contact Jaffe Electric online or give us a call at 301.253.3778.

MD, VA & Washington, DC Ground Fault Circuit Breaker Installation

As with any changes to the breaker panel, a licensed electrician should install GFCI breakers. Even if you have replaced a breaker before, leave this to the pros because ground fault protection involves some different steps compared to standard breakers.

At Jaffe Electric, our experienced staff can install a GFCI breaker very quickly. We’ll just need to shut off power for a few minutes, disconnect the old breaker, and attach the new wiring. Before we go, we will test everything on the circuit to make sure the protection is active and power flows safely where you need it.

GFCI installation may be a small change to your electrical system, but it might save your life. Jaffe Electric can help you choose between GFCI outlets versus breakers, and make sure your home has the up-to-code protection it needs.

For GFCI breaker service, and other circuit breaker repair and installation, contact Jaffe Electric today – call us at 301.253.3778 or contact us online!

GFCI Breaker Repair or Replacement in MD, VA & Washington, DC

Do you have a ground fault circuit breaker that trips for seemingly no reason? There may actually be improper electrical flow somewhere down the line, or you could need breaker panel repair. Don’t ignore this issue for long—ask Jaffe Electric to inspect and replace parts as needed.

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