Fuse Box Replacement

Fuse boxes may be “old school” to many homeowners in and around the DMV, however there are still plenty of houses operating on fuse boxes.  Whereas circuit breakers will trip and shut off if they are overloaded, fuses, will shut down, or temporarily short out, the electrical supply to that overloaded circuit.

Fuses are typically glass cylinders containing a metal filament which melts when the safety level for a circuit has exceeded its amp limit. With circuit breakers, you simply correct the overload and reset the breaker switch. Fuses need to be replaced with a new, intact fuse.

Homeowners consider fuse box replacement when they have a failing electrical system that needs updated, or, as a preventative move to keep your home’s wiring safe and up to date.  Many homes can continue to operate safely with a fuse box.  But, for homeowners who are experiencing certain issues with their electrical system, it would be advisable to seek fuse box replacement by a licensed and certified electrician.

Jaffe Electric Company has been serving homeowners and commercial businesses in and around the DC area for nearly a quarter century.  Our goal is unsurpassed customer satisfaction.  Our customers depend on us to solve electrical issues, big and small, and we never take our obligation lightly.

Warning Signs You Need Fuse Box Replacement

  • Burning Smell – Should your fuse box emit a hot or burning smell, or any odor at all, have a professional inspection immediately.  Wires can arc and cause electrical fires without warning.
  • Frequent Burnout – Replacing fuses is normal for homeowners.  If you find you’re replacing your fuses with unusual frequency, your fuse box is telling you something.  It might be time for fuse box replacement.
  • Upping Capacity – Fuses are available in two sizes, 15 and 30.  It is common practice for homeowners to up the capacity of electricity to a certain area by increasing the amp size.  If you find yourself upping the amp more often, contact Jaffe and discuss fuse box replacement.

If you’ve experienced these occurrences, even once, it’s time to contact the professional electricians at Jaffe.  Jaffe certified electricians will inspect your fuse box and your home’s electrical system, provide you with a no-obligation estimate, and repair and replace as needed.

We serve Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC!

Replace a Fuse Box for Preventative Measures

If your electrical system is seemingly sound, keep in mind that an “old school” fuse box is connected to older wiring.  Your wiring may be working as it should, but, just like anything else in an older home,could be wearing out from years of use. Wires degrade and fray, and problems could arise very quickly, putting you and your family in danger.

Free Estimates for Fuse Box Replacement

Schedule an inspection for a free estimate for fuse box replacement.  Today’s families depend much more on electricity than previous generations.  Older homes may not be able to handle the load.  Replacing your fuse box with a modern circuit breaker box is much more efficient all the way around.

Contact Jaffe Electric Company for more information on fuse box replacement in MD, DC, and Northern VA.

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