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There’s no doubt communication has evolved over the centuries-from the Town Crier to Facebook, from the Pony Express to emails, from brief and costly weekly phone calls back home to instantaneous texting.  This evolution proves just how amazing and useful advanced technology can be as a tool for communication.

With these changes, come changes in how we handle the vast amount of knowledge, trivia, instruction, and friendly conversation that goes on every day, all over the world.  Telecom wiring has changed to accommodate a “wireless world”, even as everyone still depends on wires to do the job.

As we rely more and more on technology, it becomes apparent that telecom wiring is not a DIY job. In fact, at the pace the telecom industry is moving, it’s even more crucial to have the right electrician-experienced, trained, certified and up-to-date with the evolution of telecom wiring.  The equipment and devices supported by intricate telecom wiring, are costly. Any misstep could end up being very expensive, and even a fire-hazard.

Jaffe Electric Company is experienced in all types of residential and commercial electrical wiring.  Our electricians keep current with cutting edge telecom wiring, and all manner of residential and commercial, wiring. For the certified electricians at Jaffe, no job is too big or too small.

Commercial Telecom Wiring in DMV

From power cables to copper conductors and the outlet into which you plug your equipment, telecom wiring is intricate.  Reliability is key when it comes to keeping your technology going.  For businesses, your ability to communicate directly impacts your livelihood.  You can’t afford to have just anyone install the wiring that serves your telecom needs.

Many parts of a business rely on the same wiring that connects your hard-wired phone system.  Not only do you need functioning telecom connections to communicate with your clients and customers, but most small businesses utilize analog lines for mont of service, as in credit card payments, debit cards, and recorded transactions.

Home Telecom Wiring in MD, DC & Northern VA

Homeowners as well, need dependable telecom-connected wiring.  Satellite TV and DVR’s utilize phone lines to connect for continuous feed, in many areas.  Your home security system depends on this type of hook-up.  And, for those who can’t get decent wireless phone service, and must maintain a landline, reliable home telecom wiring is necessary.

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Since 1992, homes and businesses in and around the DC area have come to rely on the professional folks at Jaffe Electric Company.  Our knowledgeable staff, experienced electricians, and affordable prices are popular with our commercial and residential clients.   Our reputation for unsurpassed customer service makes Jaffe the number one electric services company in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Don’t let just anyone install or repair your telecom home or commercial wiring.  Trust Jaffe with all of your electrical needs.  From new construction, to electrical repairs, our certified electricians have the experience and know-how to get the job done.  For your next wiring project, or any of your service and installation concerns, contact Jaffe Electric Company.

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