Electrical, Wiring, Appliance & Generator Services in Fairfax, MD

Fairfax is a city anyone would love to call home, and Jaffe Electric is proud to serve residents here and in surrounding areas with professional, prompt, and reliable electric services. We’re a family-owned and -operated business with highly trained electricians and competitive pricing. We’ll tackle any job, no matter how large or small — you name it, we’ll do it!


As the population of Fairfax grows, so does the local need for improved and newly installed electricity. Jaffe is here to meet that need with our full array of electrician services.

Go Green Services

Jaffe provides residential electric services like inspections plus environmentally friendly installations as part of our “go Green services.” Reduce your carbon footprint and save money by installing:

Wiring Installation

Jaffe offers expert electrical wiring installation for a room, a single outlet, or your entire home. Contact us to schedule an appointment for:

Call (301) 253-3778, contact us online, or schedule an estimate for all your residential wiring needs in Fairfax, VA.

Appliance Installation

Jaffe also meets all your appliance installation needs! Contact us for your residential wiring needs in Fairfax, VA.


You don’t have to feel dread when the power goes out. Just ask Jaffe to install a standby generator, so when your electricity goes out, your generator turns on. We also handle generator maintenance and generator repair.

Lighting in Fairfax, VA

Come to Jaffe for all your lighting needs, too. We install practical lighting and lighting to enhance home decor, like a chandelier or accent lighting. We’ll also repair your lights or provide a light fixture replacement.

Breaker Panels

Jaffe’s here for you when you need breaker panel service or installation. We also offer circuit breaker installation and repair so your electrical system can keep up with your needs. You may have already replaced the old bathroom and kitchen outlets with safe, code-compliant ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, but schedule a GFCI breaker installation for more protection.

Request an estimate, contact us online, or call (301) 253-3778 for your Fairfax, VA, breaker installation and service.

Commercial Electrical

Fairfax is a rapidly growing, technologically advanced area, and we need powerful electric services to keep our local businesses running.

Commercial Electric Service

To ensure your commercial building is fully functional and legal, you probably need an electrical upgrade and some code corrections. We can even provide the inspection to check what is up to code and what isn’t. We can repair or upgrade your electrical sign wiring and perform one or a whole building full of office wiring installations.

Commercial Lighting

Come to Jaffe for your commercial lighting needs, inside and out. We provide light pole installation and emergency parking lot lighting repair.

Commercial Standby Generators

To ensure a power outage never stalls your business, ask Jaffe for a commercial standby generator. We offer generator installation, repair, and maintenance to keep that generator standing by whenever you need it.

If you need commercial electrical work for your Fairfax, VA, business, Jaffe Electric is here for you. Call (301) 253-3778, request an estimate, or contact us online now!

Schedule Your Fairfax, VA, Electric Work Today!

For highly trained technicians backed by a company with 30 years of experience, call Jaffe Electric. Count on us whenever you need prompt, professional, and reliable electricians at a competitive price.

Request an estimate, contact us online, or call Jaffe Electric at (301) 253-3778 for top-quality electrical services in Fairfax, VA!

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