Dimmer Switch Installation

Installing a dimmer switch to control the lighting in any room is a worthwhile investment. Your dimmer switch can help your lighting reflect any mood. Cast a romantic glow over a candlelit dinner for two, calm the atmosphere in your home when the kids get a little too rowdy, or turn up the light over your kitchen table to enjoy game night with the family. Having a dimmer switch installed for your home lighting means easy adjustment and control of the ambience in any room.

Why Install a Dimmer Switch?

Controlling the lights in your home does much more than adjust the lights to an appropriate brightness. Dimmer switch installation allows you to also control the amount of energy used to light up your home, too! Harsh, bright lights can be uncomfortable when not called for. Harsh lighting also uses far more energy than soft lighting and that equates to less electrical usage—up to 10 percent in some instances—and is reflected in your monthly utility bill.

Dimmer switch installation also enables you to extend the life of your light bulbs. When you dim your lights by just a quarter of the brightness of the lamp, you extend your bulb’s life by triple the normal lifespan. Using a dimmer switch on your already energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs can take away fluorescent lightings garish glow and present a warmer, softer light to your room.

Cutting Edge Dimmer Switch Technology

Dimmers have changed plenty in the past decade or so. No longer is there one obvious knob to control your lighting—something no homeowner wants to look at, regardless of if it matches style of your interior decorating. Today’s precision dimmer switches look like a traditional light switch, have touch-control capability, and use remote control operation.

Can I Install a Dimmer Switch Myself?

Though dimmer switch installation is easy to do, it’s not for the unlicensed electrician or handyman. Anytime you’re controlling the electrical current in your home, that is adjusting the amount of electricity or voltage traveling through the wiring, consulting a professional electrician is the safe way to go. Many homeowners have experienced the dangers and consequences of DIY dimmer switch installation, resulting in electrical shocks or electrical fires.

Dimmer Switch Installation in MD, VA & DC

Professional dimmer switch installation removes the risk of error—a risk that could cause significant damage to your home and potentially harm your family. If the wiring in your home is outdated, it may not accommodate a dimmer switch. We can inspect your wiring and recommend the best dimmer switch to install in your home. Anytime you’re working with your household wiring, trust Jaffe Electric Company to get the job done safely, affordably, and on time.

When installed by a professional electrician, dimmer switches are easy and affordable. Jaffe Electric Company, Montgomery County’s leading electrical contractor, has the experience and knowledge to install your dimmer switch with ease. Jaffe has been serving homeowners and businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC area for more than 20 years. We guarantee our work and we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. Learn more about us here!

For dimmer switch installation, contact Jaffe Electric Company. No job is too big or too small and we’ll make sure your peace of mind is affordable and within your budget. Trust Jaffe Electric Company with all of your home and commercial electrical needs.

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