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One of the more frustrating experiences for anyone who works in an office is a computer shutdown. In the middle of an important project, while keying in specific data, and your connection fails. For those relying on telecom connections, compromising the circuit and losing your connection can be equally as frustrating, costing you money, as well as time. For retailers who need connections for point-of-service transactions, power failures can wreak havoc.

Hospitality and food business, from coffee shops to boutique hotels, diners to fine dining, an interruption in your circuits not only causes chaos at the cash register, but your livelihood can be threatened by interruption of electrical flow to your ovens, freezers, and cold-storage. Any shut-down in the kitchen and food prep area can mean lost inventory and even result in health code violations.

Jaffe Electric Company installs dedicated circuitry, including dedicated computer circuitry, in Arlington, VA. Call us today or contact us online for a free estimate!

Why Install Dedicated Circuitry?

Dedicated circuits are the best way to prevent interruptions in the flow of electricity, whether from too many devices pulling on the circuit at the same time, or a tripped circuit-breaker due to electrical overload or power surge.

Dedicated circuits are individual circuits, connected to their own, singular breaker, instead of being clustered in a group of circuits. They provide a separate power source for the most important and demanding-devices in your business.

Benefits of Installing Dedicated Circuits in Arlington

In many buildings built for commercial use prior to 1980, all circuits run together, with the wires ending at one central breaker box, or panel. With the advancement of technology, power demands became greater and the needs exceeded that which was provided by the circuits already in place, resulting in tripped breakers and an interruption of electrical flow. Modern demands need modern circuitry.

In addition to preventing loss of essential, electrical connections, dedicated circuits will also prevent damage to your devices that can come from power surges, created when smaller circuits get overloaded with too many devices.

With a dedicated circuit for those items demanding the most power, these costly devices are prevented from shutting down or suffering damage due to a power surge. We install dedicated circuits in Arlington area businesses for a variety of commercial equipment. This includes:

  • Commercial ovens
  • Freezers
  • Large monitors and televisions
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Security systems
  • Computers
  • POS systems
  • And more

Free Estimates for Dedicated Circuit Installation in Arlington

Jaffe Electric Company understands that today’s businesses run on technology. Whether you’re an aspiring Fortune 500 company, or a neighborhood coffee shop, you need reliable circuits to operate successfully. Since 1992, Jaffe Electric has been serving the commercial electrical needs of businesses in and around the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas.

Our company’s reputation has been built on trust and professionalism. You know when you call on Jaffe Electric to install a dedicated circuit in your business, the job will be done right, the first time. Customer service and satisfaction are our number one goal at Jaffe Electric.

For more on how you can put an end to costly power interruptions to your business, or for any commercial electrical needs, contact Jaffe Electric Company. Our certified electricians can help keep your business running, interruption free, with the installation of dedicated circuits.

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