Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Every home and business should have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed. Here at Jaffe Electric, we’ll make sure that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are not only properly installed, but that they are installed in all the right places.

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Are Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Necessary?

Yes, both are required in homes and businesses. In fact, in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia area, it’s considered an electrical code violation to not have each installed in your home or business.

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The improper installation of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector can actually be a safety hazard for you, your family, or your clients since they may not function properly, which could result in not receiving a warning if there is smoke or a high level of carbon monoxide in the home—both of which are deadly.

Secondly, we will install them on every floor of your home, including in every bedroom, in every hallway nearby sleeping areas, at the top of the stairway leading to the second floor and at the bottom of the stairway leading to the basement.

Benefits of Installing Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Not having these detectors installed in your home can pose a serious danger for you and your family.

Smoke Detectors

  • Let you know if there is a fire inside of your home
  • Give you enough time to get to safety
  • Alert you of high temperatures from ovens, cooktops, etc.

Without smoke detectors, how would you know if there was a fire during the middle of the night when you and your family are asleep upstairs?

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors may be even more important. Carbon monoxide is a gas that has no taste, no color, and no odor, which means that you won’t be able to tell if there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home unless you have a carbon monoxide detector installed.

Then there’s the fact that if you are using an appliance that uses combustion to produce heat, such as a furnace, then it’s producing carbon monoxide no matter what. This means that during the winter, you’ll always have some carbon monoxide in your home. If these appliances aren’t functioning properly, it could result in a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide being produced – and exposure to higher amounts of this gas can be fatal.

In fact, 500 Americans die every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Any Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia area home relying on fossil fuels is required to have a carbon monoxide detector by law.

Test Your Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

In addition to making sure that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are properly installed, you should test them at least twice a year to make sure they are working properly. We suggest testing them right before winter hits and again during the summer. In addition to testing them to ensure they work properly, make sure that they have fresh batteries.

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