Electrical Inspections & Code Corrections in Silver Spring, MD

You and your family count on your home’s electrical system every single day.  Getting ready for school or work likely involves electricity.  Charging your phone, laptop, and so much technology relies on electricity.  Even basic comfort calls on your Silver Spring home’s internal wiring to provide lighting, maintain a pleasant environment, and many other everyday conveniences we all take for granted.

Knowing how many times you and your family turn-on, plug-in and charge-up during any given day, you need to be able to trust that your home’s electrical system is working safely and efficiently, and never posing a risk of fire or electrical shock to you or your loved ones.  Whether your Silver Spring, MD area home is newly constructed, or has been around for decades, you can’t always be sure your electrical system is up to code, especially as safety codes change frequently.

Electricians Specializing in Electrical Inspections & the NEC

Jaffe Electric can provide the peace of mind that comes with thumbs-up electrical code inspections in Silver Spring.  Our certified technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your home is wired properly, and that your electrical system can be counted on.  We follow the NEC (National Electric Code) guidelines and can spot any issue violating the code.

Jaffe Electric Company performs electrical code inspections throughout the Montgomery County area and beyond—including Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.  For over two decades, homeowners and business owners have come to trust Jaffe for all residential and commercial electric, and wiring needs.

Electrical Wiring Inspections in Silver Spring, MD

For homeowners and businesses alike, new wiring can be overwhelming.  However, it’s necessary to hire a professional in order to make sure no costly-and deadly- mistakes are made.  What’s more, a certified electrician is familiar with safety measures required by your municipality.  New wiring permits require electrical code inspections throughout the process.  Jaffe Electric has the know-how to guarantee your wiring will pass inspection, from start to finish.

We Correct Electrical Code Violations

With all the changes in home appliances, voltage needs, and added technology, electrical codes in Silver Spring, MD are constantly being updated to accommodate those needs and keep your home safe from electrical arcs, fires, and shock.  If there’s any doubt your home isn’t up to date, contact Jaffe Electric and schedule an inspection.

Our electricians are trained in all the new code requirements and can adjust the wiring in your home or business to comply without breaking the bank, new wiring, as well as electrical systems which have been operating awhile, both require electrical code inspections for your own protection. Trust Jaffe with your electrical code inspections.

Call Jaffe Electric for Electrical Inspections & Code Corrections in Silver Spring, MD

Should you notice any missteps in your home’s electrical system-shorting out, outlets that work intermittently, dimming lights, popping breakers, or fuses, contact Jaffe Electric.  Electrical code inspections and corrections in Silver Spring are affordable and an investment in the safety of your family.

Updated wiring can also work more efficiently, saving you money as well as providing peace of mind.   Contact Jaffe Electric for safety check-ups, or electrical code inspections for your home or business today.

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