Outlet Repair in Maryland

You may not think much about the outlets in your home until one either doesn’t work at all, doesn’t work correctly or an outlet in your home causes a dangerous situation. Outlets that are not working correctly can become really annoying. You go to plug something in only to remember that you can’t use that one, then you have to traipse around finding another outlet that works. This is especially true if the room only has one outlet.

If your home has outlets that are no longer working safely or correctly you need outlet repair in Maryland. The team at Jaffe Electric can help you get your outlets back up and working in a jiffy.

Schedule outlet repair online or give us a call for a free estimate—301.253.3778.

Why You Need a Maryland Outlet Repair Specialist

There are a few things that can go wrong when it comes to your home’s outlets.

  • Dead Outlets – A dead outlet is when your outlet does not work at all no matter what you plug into it.
  • Tripped Outlets – This is when you plug something into the outlet and it may start to work but then it trips the circuit.
  • Sparking Outlets – If you have an outlet that sparks when you plug something in, this is a warning sign.  Switch the power off to that area of the home and call an expert straight away.

If you are suffering from any of these problems with your home’s outlets, you will need to call for outlet repair in Maryland. Contact the team at Jaffe Electric and get your outlets working correctly.

What to Do When Outlets Don’t Work

If you have outlets in your home that aren’t working correctly you may get the urge to fix them yourself. While it may seem like a simple job anything that has to do with electrical work should be handled by a professional.You may feel that the problem is fixed but there may still be bigger issues at play and a temporary fix could lead to larger problems in the future.

If your electrical outlets are not working or they are tripping the circuit call the experts at Jaffe Electric today for outlet repair in Maryland.

Free Estimates for Outlet Repair

The team at Jaffe Electric are here to help you with all your electrical needs in Maryland, including the Potomac, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, and Frederick areas. All of our electricians are certified and trained and have the knowledge to troubleshoot and repair the electrical outlets in your home.

Keep your family safe by having only trained and certified electricians work on your home. Contact the team at Jaffe Electric today!

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