Electric Meter Installation

Keeping track of the amount of energy your home or business uses can help you to cut down energy costs in the future. This is why you should have an electric meter installed, so that you can check to see how much energy you are using at any given time, thereby taking away the surprise of a high energy bill.

Here at Jaffe Electric, we install three types of electric meters:

  1. Electronic electric meters
  2. Solid-state electric meters
  3. Electromechanical electric meters

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Electronic Electric Meter Installation in Maryland

Using an LCD or LED display to show your electricity consumption, electronic electric meters have the capability to show the maximum electrical load for your property and peak usage statistics.

Solid-State Electric Meter Installation in Maryland

The most recent electric meters to hit the market, solid-state electric meters are very similar to electronic meters. Solid-state electric meters are often the most accurate meters available.

Electromechanical Electric Meter Installation in Maryland

The most common electric meters, electromechanical meters are generally found outside and connected to most residential properties in Maryland. At Jaffe Electric, we can install an electric meter in your home, no matter what type of meter you choose!

How an Electric Meter Works

The basic unit of measure for electricity is the Watt. A kilowatt is one thousand watts.

When it comes to electricity bills, you are paying by the kilowatt (KW).

The way a standard electric meter works is through the use of a clock-like device. As your home or place of business uses electricity drawn from the power lines, a set of gears within the electric meter move.

The number of revolutions are recorded by the dials on the meter’s face. The speed at which the dials move around depends on how much electricity is being drawn.

The gears will rotate quicker if more power is consumed simultaneously.

How to Read an Electric Meter

Reading an electric meter is relatively simple. You just write down the numbers shown on the dials from right to left.

In some cases, the electric meter has a digital display, making it even easier to read.

Electric Meter Installation in Maryland

When it comes to installing an electric meter, you’ll want to leave the task to a professional. You should never play around with electricity if you don’t have the necessary skills and experience to do so safely. The following are the steps that will need to be taken in order to install an electric meter:

The first thing that will need to be done is to locate where the hot wires will connect outside. The connection terminal in the center of the electric meter is where the neutral will connect.

The wires are going to have to be stripped before they are inserted into the terminal. Once everything is connected, you’ll need to make sure that the screws are tight and that the wires are tight, which can be done by tugging on them.

The electric meter’s load side will then need to be wired to either an electrical panel or an electrical disconnect. This can be accomplished by connecting the two hot wires located on the bottom two terminals of the electric meter.

Strip them before inserting them into the terminal and make sure that the screws and wires are tight.

In order to protect the ground wire that runs from your electric meter to the ground rod, a piece of conduit will have to be added. Install a connector along with a piece of pipe from the electric meter to the ground.

The neutral wire will now need to be connected. It is attached to the neutral lug terminal and marked by white tape.

As you can see, installing an electric meter is no easy process, so be sure to leave it to the professionals at Jaffe Electric.

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