Infrared Electrical Inspection & Thermal Imaging in MD, DC & VA

Faulty electrical equipment is a leading cause of fires in homes and businesses throughout the United States. One of the best ways to spot electrical faults early, before they cause a serious problem, is through the use of thermal imaging, or infrared thermography. This process provides a non-destructive way to inspect electrical components in nearly any location, from surface-mounted breaker panels and outlets to wires that are buried deep inside walls and ceilings.

At Jaffe Electric, we offer infrared electrical inspection services for homes and business in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the Washington, DC area. Our experts will use state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment to inspect your entire electrical system, allowing any faults to be corrected for improved safety and greater peace of mind. For over 25 years, our company has served Maryland and the DMV area, providing reliable, top-quality residential and commercial electrical services.

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What Is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging uses infrared-sensitive cameras to measure the heat output of objects from a distance. That data is processed and colorized to create an image that can be quickly and easily deciphered by the camera operator, with different colors representing different temperatures. Because infrared energy can easily pass through walls and many other objects, thermal imaging provides a convenient, non-destructive method to find hot or cold spots inside walls, ceilings, floors, or nearly anywhere.

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What Can an Infrared Electrical Inspection Detect?

When there is too much current or excessive resistance in a circuit, it will naturally generate heat. A thermal imaging inspection will detect these heat signatures, or the lack of heat, allowing you to discover problems such as:

  • Loose, dirty, or corroded wiring connections
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Faulty breakers, outlets, or switches
  • Circuits that are open or have lost power
  • Wiring that has hot spots from nicks, gouges, or other damage
  • Defective motor windings or bearings
  • Inductive heating
  • Imbalanced loads

Are you interested in what thermal imaging may find in your Maryland home or business? Contact our experts today for a thermal imaging inspection anywhere in the DMV area.

Thermal Imaging Inspection Services in MD, DC & VA

A safe electrical system is important for any home or business. Find problems early and make sure your electrical system is operating at its best with an infrared electrical inspection from our team at Jaffe Electric. Our experts will evaluate your entire electrical system and offer recommendations that can help to improve safety and performance. The benefits of our thermal imaging inspections include:

  • Improved safety and performance
  • Early detection of electrical faults and failures
  • Longer service life for electrical devices
  • Possible reductions in insurance premiums
  • Fewer service calls and lower repair costs

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Improve the safety of your home or business and prevent fires with an infrared electrical inspection from Jaffe Electric. We are proud to serve Maryland and the Washington, DC area, and our experienced, licensed electricians offer prompt, reliable service throughout the region. Trust our team for all your residential or commercial electrical needs.

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