Fluorescent Lighting in Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern VA

The lighting in your commercial building is extremely important for a number of reasons—good lighting helps improve safety, security, and function, and can make products much more attractive to consumers. If you need to update your lighting, then you should consider installing fluorescent lighting in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC-area.

Here at Jaffe Electric, we design and install affordable but high quality fluorescent lighting into your commercial building. Our electricians are highly skilled and trained, not to mention fully-licensed, in order to accommodate your commercial building’s fluorescent lighting needs.

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The Advantages of Fluorescent Lighting

Besides the high quality light that fluorescent light fixtures produces, they also provide the following benefits:

  • Longer lifespans – Fluorescent lights will last a long time. In fact, the average fluorescent light will last upwards of six times longer than an incandescent bulb.
  • Improved cost efficiency – Fluorescent lights cost as little as 66 percent less than an incandescent light.
  • Improved safety and health – Fluorescent lights don’t give off as much heat as other lighting options, which means they are better suited for commercial spaces in that they will protect your equipment and keep employees comfortable.
  • Increased energy efficiency – The less energy your lighting consumes, the less your building’s overhead will be.
  • Improved flexibility – Fluorescent lights are available in a wide range of wattage ratings, colors, shapes and sizes.

Commercial Fluorescent Lighting Applications

The flexibility provided by the use of fluorescent lights means that they can be used for numerous applications. For example, you can use fluorescent lighting:

  • For security
  • In retail spaces
  • For parking lot lighting
  • To highlight products or bar areas under cabinetry
  • In warehouses
  • In offices
  • And much more

Types of Fluorescent Lighting

When it comes to choosing the types of fluorescent lighting to use in your commercial building, you have two main options. These include:

CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) – CFLs are commonly used in both residential and commercial spaces. They are designed using integral ballasts and screw bases and combine the benefits of both fluorescent lighting and incandescent lighting. This means that not only are they energy efficient, they are also very convenient.

Fluorescent Tube and Circline Lamps – Fluorescent tube and circline lamps are better suited for larger commercial spaces, like warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They are typically used as task lighting, although they can be used effectively in garages and as under-cabinet lighting as well.

Fluorescent Lighting Design & Installation in MD, DC & VA

If you need to install new lighting in your commercial building in the Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia areas, then call the commercial electricians at Jaffe Electric for fluorescent lighting design and installation!

At Jaffe Electric, our lighting experts can help you design and install a fluorescent lighting system that will meet your unique needs. We’ve worked in all types of commercial properties in the area, including large manufacturing facilities, small offices, restaurants, hotels, and more!

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