McLean, VA Property Management Electrical Service

As a property management company, it’s extremely important that you invest in proper electrical maintenance. The inability to repair or maintain the electrical components of your apartment complex or residential multi-family units in a quick and effective manner can result in a poor reputation among residents and can also result in various code violations.

Here at Jaffe Electric, we provide property management companies with full-fledged electrical service. Call today or contact us online to schedule an estimate!

Electrical Repairs & Maintenance for Property Management

Our technicians will inspect any electrical issues onsite and repair them quickly and in a manner in which the problem won’t reoccur.

The following are some of the electrical repairs and maintenance for property management companies in McLean that our highly trained technicians can perform:

  • Troubleshoot general electrical problems and fast repairs when required.
  • Replace office light bulbs and light fixtures when needed.
  • Provide emergency lighting repair and replacement.
  • Repair backup generators.
  • Repair or replace fuse boxes.
  • Replace any faulty or aging circuit breakers.
  • Repair any electric heating systems.
  • Repair underground wiring.
  • And more!

No issue is too big or too small, whether it’s a quick onsite repair or the need for a massive replacement project throughout an entire apartment complex. All of our technicians are completely certified and we are completely licensed and insured, thereby insuring high quality work and limiting your liability.

We Help You Pass Electrical Inspections

We make sure that all of our technicians follow the National Electric Code (NEC) guidelines.

Our electricians can install new wiring or replace old wiring while following the safety measures that are required by your property’s municipality.

Any new wiring permits will require electrical code inspections. We will ensure that your property’s wiring will pass any inspection – from the start of the project to the end.

Electrical Code Corrections for Multi-Family Housing In McLean, VA

Electrical codes are always being updated due to the constant changes in technology and resulting voltage needs. These electrical codes help protect your residents against electrical arcs, shock and fires. If you need to make sure that your property is up to date, our Jaffe Electric technicians will be able to perform an electrical inspection and code corrections to ensure that your property meets all current electrical codes.

If you are not up to code, then our electricians have training required in order to make corrections to your property’s wiring without the need to break the bank for new wiring or electrical systems. Not being up to code puts your residents in danger, will result in code violations (that in turn result in fines) and can harm the reputation of your property management company.

McLean Property Management Electrical Service

Maintaining your property’s electrical components is vital to keeping your property functioning, maintaining your company’s reputation, keeping your property up to code and – last but certainly not least – keeping all of your residents safe.

To schedule one of our property management electrical services, contact Jaffe Electric today.

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