Outdoor Lighting Installation in Maryland & Virginia

Never before has outdoor lighting been used in so many creative ways. Homeowners in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas have transformed the “porch light” of yesteryear and incorporated new outdoor lighting in their landscape, using light to accent yards and outdoor space in elegant ways. Outdoor lighting can create an atmosphere of fun, provide a little intimacy, or extend your living space while keeping you and your guests safe and secure.

The Jaffe Electric team has over 35 years of electrical know-how under their belt and our electricians are certified and insured. Our goal goes beyond mere customer satisfaction. Each and every electrical project, including outdoor lighting installation, isn’t finished until you, the homeowner, consider it a job well-done. We will work diligently to complete your outdoor lighting design and installation thoroughly, on time and within your budget. Our electrical services are affordable, with you, the homeowner, in mind.

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Virginia & Maryland’s Outdoor Lighting Installation Experts

There are many reasons homeowners in the Washington, DC metro area choose to add landscape lighting. Whether you desire to improve the visibility around your driveway and walkway for your guests or creating a space to gather and enjoy a balmy summer evening, or you want to light up the night for safety’s sake, the proper outdoor lighting installation is necessary. You need your lighting to be placed and wired by a licensed electrician for optimum benefits.

Installing outdoor lights has gone far beyond the porch light, and you need an electrician with the experience necessary to realize your outdoor lighting dreams. Personalize your yard, patio, or porch, for beauty and safety. Count on Jaffe Electric to help make your light-scape ideas a reality!

Outdoor Lighting Options for your DC Metro Area Home

Your choices for outdoor lighting are endless! Some of your options include:

  • Footpath/sidewalk lights – Guide guests to and from your home
  • Deck and patio lights – Complement your exterior and enjoy outdoor activities at night
  • Security lighting – Home protection, such as motion lights, spotlights, and floodlights, illuminate your yard and deter unwelcome intruders—two- or four-legged.
  • And more!

With so many options, your outdoor lighting installation is very much like interior decorating. You need to think about light placement and what works best for you and your family. The one aspect of outdoor lighting installation that should never concern you is finding the right electrician for the job.

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Schedule Outdoor Lighting Installation in Maryland & Virginia

When you trust your lighting installation to Jaffe Electric, you can rest assured your needs are our number one priority. You’ll meet with one of our master electricians to find the best placement of your outdoor lights, keeping in mind ease of operation. Our team will schedule your installation at a convenient time for you, and work within your budget. Whether your next outdoor lighting installation project is out of necessity or you simply would like to make your landscape more aesthetically appealing, Jaffe Electric will exceed your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave outdoor lighting in place over the winter?

It depends on the type of light and how well it’s made. High-quality LED landscape lighting or strip lighting can often be left in place, as it is not affected by the cold, it’s resistant to moisture, and it has enough heat to melt snow and ice. Some lower-quality LED lights may fail or the GFCI plug may trip. Compact fluorescent fixtures may become unreliable in cold temperatures or may fail to work at all, and incandescent lights are often easily broken by impacts like falling snow and ice.

Can I add outdoor lighting without ripping out the existing landscaping?

Yes. Low-voltage lighting can be installed in a shallow trench after the landscaping is in place. Often, it is better to plan ahead to install the proper conduit and accessories without having to work around plants and hardscape, but that is not always possible.

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Will outdoor lighting increase my electric bill substantially?

It depends on the type of lighting that you install. If you choose eco-friendly lighting like LED or fluorescent lights, instead of power-hungry halogen or incandescent spotlights, the increase will be negligible, if it is noticeable at all. Today’s LED lights can be extremely bright with very little flicker, and they are available in a wide range of colors. LED spotlights are even available; they use a fraction of the energy that an incandescent light would while still producing the same light output.

Why choose low-voltage outdoor lighting?

Low-voltage LED lighting is much safer to install and use in the moist conditions of a yard. The transformer isolates the lights from the high-voltage circuits in your Maryland home, significantly reducing the risk of electrocution or fires. Plus, the thin, low-voltage wires are easy to bend around obstacles or hide in the landscaping through creative routing.

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