Accent Lighting Installation in MD, DC & VA

Concentrating on general lighting and task lighting is important, but when you’re planning out your lighting scheme, you need to consider accent lighting as well. Lighting is certainly one of the most important components of any building, providing things like function, safety and security. However, lighting also has an important part to play in your home’s interior design.

Jaffe Electric specializes in the design and installation of accent lighting in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia homes. Call today to schedule a free design estimate!

Benefits of Installing Accent Lights in MD, DC & VA

Poor lighting has the potential to ruin interior design, no matter how well colors and patterns and furniture are used to complement one another. Because of this, accent lighting is not something that you should overlook.

The following are a few tips for implementing accent lighting into your home or business:

  • Strengthen focal points – Every room should have a focal point that anchors the interior design of a space and that attracts the eye immediately. For example, the fireplace is generally a focal point in any room it’s in because of its size and architecture. Emphasize the fireplace as a room’s focal point by adding accent lighting. You can do this by adding a pair of lamps to the mantel or even installing a couple of scones that flank a mirror or a piece of artwork that is displayed on the mantel.
  • Highlight specific objects – You may want to draw attention to specific objects in your home or office, whether it’s artwork hanging from the walls or collectibles sitting on your shelves. You can use accent lighting to showcase these items. For example, you can install a wall light above or to the sides of each individual piece of wall art. Or you can install track lighting, which allows you to direct individual light fixtures onto any object you want. Consider putting dimmers on these lights so that these objects aren’t absolutely flooded with light, making them difficult to observe.
  • Add visual depth – A room that is lit only with the use of general lighting and a few lamps here and there is going to appear flat to say the least. The latter a room looks, the smaller and less comfortable it will feel. There are a number of ways that you can add visual depth to a room through the use of accent lighting. The following are two effective ways:
  • Uplighting – It’s often assumed that lighting should come down from above, but this isn’t always the case. You can install lights on the floor that shine upwards as well. If you have any tall houseplants sitting around your home or business, sticking an uplight behind it can help create a beautiful and dramatic look.
  • Backlighting – Adding accent lights behind accent walls, cabinets or even artwork can help to create a halo of light. Backlighting helps provide depth to the object in front of it in a subtle manner.

Why Choose Jaffe Electric for Accent Lighting in MD, DC & VA

Whether your electrical needs are big or small, Jaffe Electric is here to help. Our team of electricians in Montgomery County, MD can help you with all of your residential electrical needs, including installing new accent lighting.

We are:

  • Licensed and insured – We’ll ensure the accent lighting in your DMV area home is fully-compliant with the National Electric Code® (NEC).
  • Experienced – Steve Jaffe first started Jaffe Electric in 1992 and has gained a reputation as one of the best and most affordable electricians in Maryland.
  • Efficient – We don’t want to waste our time, or yours. No electrical job is too big or small and we’ll complete your accent lighting installation in MD, DC, or VA on time and on budget.
  • Well-respected – We like to treat our customers like friends and family while providing the DMV area with our trusted electrical services. Read our reviews!

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As you can see, accent lighting can help to improve your interior design by leaps and bounds. We can provide any type of accent lighting installation you need, from track lights to sconces and more.

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