Kohler Generator Repair in Maryland

If you have a backup generator, chances are you installed it because you want a reliable source of backup power when your energy company can’t. If you own a Kohler generator and need Kohler generator repairs in Maryland, call Jaffe Electric. We’re here to ensure your Kohler generator is fully-functioning and ready to run when you need it most.

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Kohler Generator Repair Service

The following are some of the common Kohler generator problems that we can identify and repair during a routine repair call:

  • Dry/cracking belts – An engine belt that is dry needs to lubricated for the generator to function effectively. If the belt is damaged in any way, then we will repair or replace it.
  • Dead batteries – The batteries of a generator can drain after a period of inactivity, causing the generator to start up more slowly or not at all. We will check the batteries to see if they need to be replaced.
  • Low coolant levels – Low coolant levels will affect the performance of your generator. They can cause the generator to overheat and to function less effectively. We will check your coolant levels and add coolant if needed. We will also look for and repair any leaks that may be causing the low coolant levels.
  • Broken pistons – We will check the condition of the piston and repair or replace it if necessary.
  • Burnt electrical components – Electrical components that are burnt can cause the generator to have difficult functioning or starting up at all. We will look for burnt electrical components and replace them.
  • Weather or pest related damages – We will look for any damage caused by weather or pests and perform the necessary repairs.

Why Call Jaffe Electric for Kohler Generator Repair in Maryland?

The following are the steps that our technicians will take when inspecting your Kohler generator and making repairs:

  • We will thorough inspect both the interior and exterior of the generator for physical damage.
  • We will check all of the generator’s cables and connections to make sure they are in good condition and not loose.
  • We will look for any worn parts that need to be replaced.
  • We will upgrade components when possible to improve the generator’s operation.
  • We will check the fluid levels and replace fluids when necessary.
  • We will change the fuel, oil, air, and coolant filters.
  • We will inspect the control panels to make sure they are working properly.
  • We will test the load bank.
  • We will inspect the spark plug and replace it if necessary.

Schedule Kohler Generator Repair in Maryland

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