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Doorbell wiring may not seem like a hugely important component of your home or business, but you’d be wise not to ignore it. If your doorbell isn’t wired properly, it means that there’s a higher chance of failure – and how are you going to know if anyone is at your door if your doorbell isn’t working?

Here at Jaffe Electric, we provide doorbell wiring in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia for both residential and commercial customers. Call now for a free estimate!

Residential Doorbell Wiring

The last thing you want is for your doorbell to fail when you have a visitor. It can be quite embarrassing to leave a visitor waiting outside simply because you didn’t know they were there – or to miss out on the visit altogether because they assumed you weren’t home! Our experienced and highly skilled electricians will make sure that your home’s doorbell is properly and safely wired so that you can depend on it to work.

There are two methods of doorbell wiring that we can perform:

  • The first type is to hook your doorbell directly into your home’s power supply.
  • The second type is to hook your doorbell together with your chime unit and transformer using low voltage wiring.

We can determine which type of doorbell wiring best fits your needs. Additionally, we can repair faulty doorbell wiring so that it no longer affects the performance of your doorbell negatively.

Commercial Doorbell Wiring

A doorbell that doesn’t work properly for your business may be even worse than one that doesn’t work properly for your home. After all, leaving a customer waiting outside of your company property is generally not a good idea. Not only could you annoy the potential customer by leaving them waiting – you could end up losing business if they simply turn away because they think that your business is closed.

Our highly trained technicians can perform commercial doorbell wiring in a number of different settings, from office spaces and retail stores to warehouses and more. We have a wealth of experience with a variety of different commercial doorbell types as well. For example, we can install and repair:

  • Long-range wireless doorbells
  • Warehouse doorbells
  • Buzzers
  • Entry alerts
  • Door chimes
  • And more

Don’t ignore the importance of your doorbell, whether it’s for your home or your place of business. We can make sure that the doorbell of your home or commercial property is properly installed so that you can depend on it to work consistently and safely.

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