Up-to-Code Commercial Wiring for Restaurants in DC, MD & VA

From Washington, DC to Bethesda, Alexandria, and Northern Virginia, the restaurant industry is booming. A boost in the economy and a renaissance of foodies has a delicious bevy of eateries popping up all over the greater area.  New building, gentrification, and a revamping of real estate means plenty of permits, inspections, and codes which need to be filed and understood before opening for business. This means your restaurant’s electrical wiring will need to be inspected and up to code at all times.

For your new or current restaurant to be a success, every minute counts.  To shut down all or a portion of your establishment for even a day means the loss of patrons, which impacts your budget in a negative way.  When you need restaurant wiring in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia, you want an electrician who is not only proficient and certified, but knows how to expedite permits and is familiar with building codes and inspections, so that you don’t lose precious time in this very competitive business.

Jaffe Electric Company knows how to do the job, and get it done on time and on budget.  Our certified electricians understand the need for speed, but also the need to complete your restaurant wiring according to code.  You don’t want to be held up by electrical inspections, and you certainly don’t want the hassle that comes with code violations.

For nearly 25 years, commercial and residential customers have come to Jaffe Electric Company when they need wiring repairs or installation.  From circuit breakers, to back-up generators, emergency lighting and video surveillance, businesses have trusted Jaffe with their electrical needs.

Electrical Wiring for Restaurants in the DMV

Whether you’re building a new restaurant from the ground up or moving into an existing space, there’s so much involved in restaurant ownership. While you’re lost in a sea of decision making, the last thing you want to do is apprise yourself of codes and obtain permits, just so you know your restaurant wiring is done right the first time.  Jaffe electric can handle all of your electrical needs so you never have to worry!

Electrical Wiring for Newly Constructed Restaurants

Gentrification means you’re restaurant is, or will be, in a space which may have previously housed another shop—anything from an auto repair shop to a florist. Obviously, you will have different electrical needs than the previous owners had, and possibly (if your building is an older storefront) you’ll need a complete revamping of your restaurant wiring in order to bring it up to code. Count on Jaffe to handle the rewiring of your trend-setting eatery.

Commercial Electrical Wiring in MD, DC & VA

Restaurant wiring repairs can cause headaches, but they’re to be expected. From your mood-lit dining room, to your bright work areas, coolers, freezers, warmers, ovens, and much of your prep equipment, electricity is essential.  Any pause in performance in the kitchen can cause major problems for your restaurant and result in significant downtime.

Make sure your restaurant wiring is installed, inspected, and repaired by a certified electrician with experience in commercial wiring in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia.  Contact Jaffe Electric Company for all of your electrical needs.

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