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When the office lights flicker or hum, the bulbs may not be to blame. Fluorescent lights need ballast replacement once in a while. It may even be a good idea to replace all the ballasts in fixtures that were installed at the same time, since others will be failing soon.

Replacing your commercial ballast lighting units requires some careful, skilled work with wiring. Jaffe Electric takes care of ballast replacement quickly and efficiently, giving your business a fresh start on quiet and reliable lighting.

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Signs You Need to Replace a Light Ballast

Fluorescent lights need a certain amount of energy to excite the gases inside and cause them to illuminate. A ballast inside each fluorescent lighting fixture acts as a transformer to control that flow of power. You’ll need a ballast replacement more or less often depending on usage as well as humidity and other factors.

Instead of replacing the bulbs frequently, you’ll need commercial ballast lighting replacement if you notice:

  • Humming or buzzing sounds when lights are on
  • A black, tar-like substance drips onto the light cover
  • Fluorescent lights are flickering, getting dimmer, or changing color
  • A new fluorescent tube does not work at all
  • The ballast appears burned or damaged

Commercial Electricians for Fluorescent Ballast Replacement

Changing a ballast light might sound easy, but the process requires electrician’s tools and knowledge of wiring and electrical safety. Ballast replacement involves disconnecting wires, stripping the insulation, and rewiring the new ballast—all while working on a ladder and testing the voltage to avoid shock.

Jaffe Electric saves you the hassle and hazard with quick, professional quality services and low service call fees.

We can take care of commercial ballast replacement in a matter of minutes for each fixture, so there’s minimal disruption for your staff or customers!

Upgrade Office Lighting with Electronic Ballast Replacement

Older magnetic ballasts have been replaced with electronic versions that run more quietly and lower energy costs. If your building has been running the old technology, ballast replacement can make a huge difference. Ask Jaffe Electric to find compatible electronic ballasts that fit your fluorescent fixtures, and you can expect up to 100,000 hours or more of reliable, comfortable lighting.

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