Commercial Standby Generator Installation

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, any disruption in your day-to-day business, whether it’s for an hour or for a day, can be hugely detrimental. This can happen if your business loses power. You never know how long it takes for the power to come back up, but you’ll be losing money for every second that you are without it.

It’s one of the reasons that you should invest in a standby generator. Here at Jaffe Electric, we can properly install a standby generator for your business so that you won’t be without electricity if the power goes out.

We install commercial standby generators in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia—get a free estimate today!

What Will a Standby Generator Do?

A commercial standby generator will:

  • Keep your property’s HVAC system running
  • Keep your lights on
  • Keep your security system running
  • Keep your sump pumps operating
  • Keep all of your electronics running, including your computers, and cash registers

Importance of Standby Generators for DMV Area Businesses

The initial investment of a standby generator combined with the installation costs may not seem like it’s worth it – especially since the power probably doesn’t go out that often. However, any number of things could cause the power to go out – heavy winds, heavy rain, car accidents, or a blackout from your utility company could all cause your business to lose power.

If your power does go out, the last thing you want is to be without it for more than a few minutes. Many businesses have vital information stored on their computer networks and even do the majority of their business online.

If you can no longer access customer data or business information that’s essential to your operation, then you’ve basically been shut down until the power comes back on. You could lose sales and customers and even miss out on big business opportunities over the course of just a few hours, setting your company back quite a bit, not just in terms of revenue or costs but in terms of standing as well.

With a standby generator, you’ll have your business up and running again almost instantaneously.

Generac Standby Generators

For more than 50 years, Generac has been a leader in backup power solutions. We are a Generac Authorized Dealer and can properly size and install a Generac standby generator in any business in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area. Just give us a call!

Standby Generator Installation in MD, DC & VA

As you can see, a power outage can do a lot of damage to your business in terms of lost revenue, loss of customers and even the loss of your property’s security. You should strongly consider investing in a standby generator in order to protect your business.

We install commercial standby generators in:

  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Municipalities
  • Schools
  • And more!

Free Estimates on All Standby Generator Installations

Ready to get started? Give us a call or request a free estimate online for your commercial standby generator installation.

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