Neil G.

Posted On: May 2, 2018

Dear Steve,

I wanted to again thank you for arranging for someone to come to my house when I had an apparent emergency electrical problem. I know you likely have a busy schedule and I really appreciate the fact that you made my situation a priority.

I cannot say enough about your employee Royce. He diligently searched out my problem and eventually discovered that one leg of the wiring from the street pole to my house had become dislodged. A live wire was laying on my roof, creating a dangerous situation and he was concerned. Royce waited at my home for almost two hours for the power company crew and made sure the problem got solved. I am very grateful for his hard work and dedication to making sure my problem was corrected properly.

The way Jaffe Electric addressed my problem (as in previous work in my house) should make you proud of your company. You can be assured that I will aggressively recommend Jaffe Electric when any of my friends say they are looking for a good electrician.

Thanks again,

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