Maintaining Landscape Lighting in Winter

Posted On: January 20, 2018

Wintertime is here. With the dropping temperatures you are probably spending more of your time inside and perhaps you have forgotten about your outdoor lighting. Even though your landscape lighting is made to survive the elements, don’t neglect it this winter. Be sure to maintain your landscape lighting this winter by following these helpful tips!

Bury Exposed Electrical Wiring

Oftentimes wires have a way of coming up to the surface which can be a trip hazard for family or guests walking around your property. If electrical wires are exposed, animals can chew them and cause permanent damage to the wiring. This can be avoided by burying any exposed wire before the ground freezes and can save you the expense of additional electrical repairs this spring.

Keep Landscape Lighting Lenses Clean

In order to achieve maximum use from your outdoor lighting, be sure to keep your lenses clean and free of any dirt or debris. Having cloudy lenses will limit the amount of light that is shining through and could make your lights appear dim even though the bulb is not burnt out. It is also important to clear off any snow or ice from your lighting fixtures to avoid damage to the fixture itself and prohibit the light from shining through.

Realign & Adjust Light Fixtures

With big storms, fixtures can become misaligned or damaged, so it is important to check your landscape lighting and adjust fixtures accordingly. Also, keep in mind that you should adjust the angle of your landscape lighting as trees and shrubbery continue to grow to ensure that they are illuminated nicely.

Check & Replace Your Landscape Light Bulbs

In the wintertime, your landscape lighting will be running longer since there is less daylight and this can shorten the life of the bulb. You want to replace any burnt out bulbs as quickly as possible because the working bulbs nearby will then be receiving a higher voltage which, in turn, can shorten their life. As it is hard to tell when a single bulb is burnt out, it is a good idea to periodically check your bulbs and see if any need replacement.

Adjust Your Outdoor Lighting Timers

One of the best parts of installed landscape lighting is not having to make the journey across your lawn in the dark! Having that extra illumination can really save you trips and stumbles over uneven ground. Be sure to adjust your outdoor lighting timers as the days shorten this winter in order to prevent any falls or accidents.

Outdoor Lighting Services in the DMV Area

Consider adding landscape lighting to your home this winter in order to improve outdoor visibility and curb appeal. For outdoor lighting installation or repair services call Jaffe Electric at 301.253.3778 or contact us online today!

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