How to Prepare Outdoor Lights for Winter

Posted On: November 15, 2017

As winter approaches, you’ll hear a lot of advice about winterizing. Some things need to be cleaned and covered, other items should be brought indoors. Outdoor lighting fixtures are no exception. Get ready for chilly weather and long nights by making sure your outdoor lighting is safe, protected, and ready to do its job all winter long. You may even want to install new outdoor lighting for additional security and visibility.

Inspect and Tighten Lighting Fixtures

Walk around your home and yard during daytime so you can get a good look at things. Remove light covers to inspect for burnt sockets or other issues, and check to make sure all outdoor outlet covers are in good shape. For hardwired outdoor lighting systems, look for frayed or damaged wiring and tighten all electrical connections if you can access them.

Cleaning Outdoor Light Fixtures

Fall leaves love to get trapped in outdoor sconces, lamp posts, pendants, and other outdoor lighting. Knock off the fall foliage and any cobwebs or debris. Where appropriate, use cleaning spray and paper towels to wipe glass or ceramic light covers.

Clean fixtures do a better job of lighting the way, operate more efficiently, and experience fewer issues with ice buildup or overheating.

Conduct a Nighttime Inspection

Now you need to make sure the lighting functions and looks the way you want. With shorter days, you’ll care more about the quality of your outdoor lighting!

Start from the street and work your way toward the front door, garage, and all side doors. Is everything lit up enough for holiday party guests? If things look dark and dreary, you can always add walkway lights or accent lighting for the trees and home exterior to brighten things up.

Should I Bring Outdoor Light Fixtures Inside?

Solar-powered yard lights and decorative light fixtures such as stained glass should all be brought inside. Freezing temperatures, snow, or frozen standing water can crack the casing or break the light entirely.

Light Bulbs for Freezing Temperatures

Many CFL bulbs do not operate well, if at all, below freezing. Now would be a good time to replace these with LED bulbs. The only issue with outdoor LEDs is that they should be kept free of debris to prevent overheating, so be sure to check them occasionally.

Add Outdoor Lighting for Security and Comfort

Planning a vacation this winter? Hosting a New Year’s party? Consider new outdoor lighting for better visibility and curb appeal at night. If you don’t just have enough lighting to feel safe coming home after dark, ask an electrician to wire a beautiful arrangement of security lighting including motion sensors for high efficiency.

Outdoor Lighting Services in MD, DC, & VA

For outdoor lighting repairs or upgrades, ask a licensed electrician to install the wiring and circuits.

Contact Jaffe Electric today to request services in the DMV area to make sure you have reliable, attractive outdoor lighting for this winter and beyond!

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