Benefits of LED Lighting

Posted On: January 7, 2018

LED Lighting – you’ve definitely heard about them before but perhaps you aren’t sure if LED is the best option in comparison to the other energy conscious options that are out on the market today. But, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED has the potential to change the future of lighting in the United States and reduces energy consumption by 75 percent and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. This is a tremendous amount of energy saved and is not only eco-friendly but also can save your hard-earned money!

Why You Should Choose LED Lights

Traditional incandescent lighting was the standard for quite some time but as technology changes, safer and energy efficient options become available to us. With incandescent bulbs, light is created by a filament and when the switch is turned on the filament glows, generates heat, and produces light. Due to the nature of this process and the hot temperature, the light is slow to turn on and the high heat could burn you or even cause a fire to your home or commercial office building.

Let’s take a closer look as to why you should make the switch to LED lighting.  

LED Lights Are Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly

LED lighting is highly efficient and consumes almost 90 percent less power than traditional lighting options. Due to this decrease in energy consumption, your costs for electricity can drastically be reduced.

High-quality LED lights have an average lifespan of 30,000-50,000 hours, that would be 3 – 6 years of continuous use. Compare that to incandescent bulbs whose lifespan is about 1,000 hours or 41 days of continuous use and you can see how BIG that difference is and the amount of energy that is saved.

Choosing LED is one huge step in going green! Oftentimes conventional light bulbs contain materials that are dangerous to the environment, like mercury. LED lights, however, are made from non-toxic materials and are 100 percent recyclable.

Durability of LEDs

LEDs are very durable and can withstand rough conditions since they are not made from glass or quartz. Without those sensitive factors, LEDs are resistant to shock and vibrations. Since they are so durable and can withstand inclement weather they make an excellent option for outdoor lighting.


Another huge benefit to installing LED lighting for your home or business is that it is safe. Unlike fluorescent of incandescent lighting, LED operates well at low temperatures and does not need to heat up for use. This will help prevent burns to your fingers when you are changing your lightbulbs and eliminate hazardous events like fires.

No Infrared or Ultraviolet Emissions from LED Lighting

With traditional lighting, the majority of the power being used is converted into radiated heat, which then creates ultraviolet radiation. On the other hand, LEDs emit the majority of its energy into visible light and produces almost zero UV or IR emissions. Because of the lack of emissions that LEDs emit, it is a highly beneficial form of light for places that have materials tha need to be preserved like art or history museums.

Intelligence & Color Options

Consumers are continually making the effort to make their houses smarter and sync with their devices. By using LEDs, you can link your controls through the use of intelligent sensors and control your lights by an app on your phone or tablet!

Through the use of LEDs you can match the colors of your environment with your mood or event. With countless color options, you can choose from different hues, softer shades of white, or even choose one of the colors from the rainbow to take your home or office lighting to the next level!

Switch to LED Lighting with Electrical Services in Maryland, DC, & Virginia

As you can see, LEDs are the lights of the future, so you should get on board and make the switch! The benefits of LED lighting are numerous and you will be so glad that you converted your home to an eco-friendly option.

If you are in the DMV area, be sure to contact us online or call 301.253.3778 to go green with Jaffe Electric! Our   experienced electricians at will guide you through the process of converting your house to LED lighting. We can even install LED track lighting or LED landscape lighting to your home or business.

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