Benefits of Having a Backup Generator

Posted On: April 30, 2018

After a major storm, generator sales go up all around the country. Does that mean people are just buying them for peace of mind? The benefits of owning a backup generator are actually very tangible. It’s the only way you can stay put in your home while enjoying something close to normal life during a power outage that lasts more than a few hours.

Backup generators are often likened to insurance. Here’s the payout you can expect in the event of a power outage.

Communicate with Family & Friends

You never know how much battery life your smartphone will have when the outage strikes. A generator can also power your landline, which depends on electricity if it’s a digital phone.

No Need for a Hotel

During extended outages, especially in very hot or cold weather, you might be compelled to move into a hotel temporarily if you don’t have a backup generator that can power your HVAC. Each night could easily be a couple hundred dollars(or more!), and rooms get booked quickly.You still won’t have the comfort of your home like a kitchen, individual rooms, etc.

Keep Your Family & Property Safe

Your security system might have a battery backup, but it probably can only run a for a few hours. Same goes for the sump pump. A backup generator protects you against break-ins, flood damage, and other risks that can occur during blackouts.

Eat Fresh, Prevent Spoiled Food

Refrigerators and freezers can stay cold for a few hours if you don’t open the door. After that, you could have to throw away all your perishables (or risk getting a food-borne illness). Grocery stores often get barren before a large storm and cannot receive new shipments for days, so you’ll want to have access to fresh food.

Power Your Medical Devices

Do you have medications that stay refrigerated? Does anyone in your home use an oxygen tank or dialysis machine? Make sure to choose a standby generator that can power any life-saving equipment!

Work from Home

Those with home businesses will obviously want to maintain powerwith a standby generator. Internet services tend to get back online sooner than grid power during storms. And while you might not mind taking a weather-imposed vacation for a few days, it can be handy (and safer) to work from home if the streets are flooded.

Protect from Power Surge

When power returns, your electrical panel can receive a dangerous surge. A whole-house surge protector can always help with that, but your generator will also safely transition the system back to grid power.

Don’t Forget Commercial Generators

Small businesses can use a commercial standby generator for all of the above, plus the benefit of avoiding data loss and processing credit cards.

Backup Generators in MD, DC, & VA

As an authorized dealer of Generac backup generators, Jaffe Electric has the right experience to help you choose the right size and type of generator for your needs and get it installed safely. Get a free estimate for standby generator installation in Maryland and throughout the DMV area.

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