Benefits of Standby Generators

Posted On: September 3, 2016

Why Install a Home Backup Generator?

Nobody likes dealing with a power outage, which is why investing in a standby generator is great way to avoid having to do so. However, you might balk at the cost of investing in a standby generator. Before you decide that spending a few hours or a few days in the dark isn’t a big enough deal to warrant the price of a standby generator, the consider the following benefits of having a standby generator in your home:

  • Improve your home’s safety– Not having electricity simply isn’t safe – especially at night. Trying to see your way around your home can be dangerous without light, and children and senior citizens can be especially prone to getting hurt in the dark.
  • Avoid having your food spoiled – When the power goes out, it can lead to all of your food in your refrigerator going bad. Having to throw away all of your food and replace it all is not only costly (not to mention an annoying and time consuming task), but if you’re in a situation where you’re trapped in your home for a few days because of the weather, you’re going to depend on the food you have until you can safely leave your house.
  • Avoid having to stay at a hotel – If your power goes out and it’s going to take more than a day to get it back on, you may end up having to stay at a hotel. Staying at a hotel isn’t exactly cheap. Having a standby generator means that you can wait comfortably in your own home while you wait for your power to come back instead of having to waste money on a hotel stay.
  • Prevent your basement from flooding – If you’re experiencing a bad storm and your power goes out, it means that the sump pump in your basement will no longer work. This can result in your basement flooding and causing thousands of dollars in damage. A standby generator will ensure that your sump pump will be able to function and do its job, thereby preventing extensive damage to your basement in case of flooding.
  • Prevent frozen pipes – If you lose power during the winter, then you won’t be able to heat your home. Not only can this cause great discomfort, it can also result in your pipes freezing and bursting. This can restrict your home’s ability to receive water – and will cost you a tidy sum in order to have your pipes repaired.
  • Lower your homeowner’s insurance – Many insurance companies offer loss mitigation credit. A standby generator is viewed as an appliance that reduces the chance that you will submit an insurance claim because it can prevent damages from occurring when the power is out (like frozen pipes or basement flood damage). Because of this, it could help lower your monthly homeowner’s insurance premium.

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