7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Electrician

Posted On: July 16, 2017

Most people judge their prospective electrician based on two big factors: price and friendliness. We think that fair rates and a positive attitude should be a given. It’s also important to know that your electrician has the right skills and experience for the job, because no two electricians are exactly the same. While emailing and calling around, think about these factors in choosing the best electrician.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

Nobody wants to be a rookie electrician’s trial run. Things go better when your electrician, or at least the company he/she works for, has been operating for more than a few years.

Is the Work Performed by Highly Trained Electricians?

Many master electricians have apprentices that work under them and perform a lot of routine work. That’s wonderful, as long as you get a trained electrician who is licensed, insured, and ready to do the work. Make sure you aren’t getting sent an independent subcontractor.

Are They Generalists or Specialists?

A “jack of all trades” makes the best electrician for the job in most cases, because you want somebody who can handle a curveball and find solutions for unexpected problems. Avoid hiring someone who isn’t qualified for the task, or who is desperate enough to accept a job they can’t handle.

Is Your Town their Normal Geographical Service Area?

Long-distance relationships are not a good way to go with your service providers. You might get stuck with exorbitant travel fees or the electrician might show up late. At Jaffe Electric, Inc., we happily service the entire DC area including Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Is the Job Too Big for Them to Handle— or Too Small for Them to Care?

When an electrical project goes beyond the contractor’s capabilities, the job gets stretched out in terms of both time and dollars.

On the flip side, if your contractor hates small jobs, they might cancel on you in favor of bigger clients. We have a team of electricians who don’t mind small electrical repairs. We care about your satisfaction above all else.

What Kind of Picture is Painted by Their Customer Reviews?

Look over an electrician’s testimonials to see if people mention the qualities you want in an electrician. Do people mention the electrician showing up on time, communicating in a friendly way, and working diligently? Also, look out for significant complaints repeated by multiple people.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay an Electrician?

Electrical services should not require a second mortgage. When you get estimates, expect some variation based on years of experience, service quality, and other factors. But you can get a licensed expert electrician at affordable rates. You don’t have to charge a fortune if you know how to work efficiently!

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We’d love the opportunity to become your new trusted electrician. Contact us at Jaffe Electric, Inc. or give us a call today!

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