Ceiling Fan Repair in Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern Virginia

Affordable Ceiling Ran Repair in MD, DC & VA

Electricians install ceiling fans, so we know what a properly functioning fan should look like. Often, we can guess the reason why a fan isn’t working simply by your description of the symptoms. If need be, we can check each component to find all damage or connection problems.

At Jaffe Electric, we’re happy to help our customers with even the smallest problems like a broken switch or stuck fan blade. We offer low minimum rates for service calls, so it doesn’t have to be too expensive to hire an electrician for ceiling fan repair in Maryland and get the job done professionally.

For professional ceiling fan repair in MD, DC & VA contact us online or give us a call at 301.253.3778.

Reasons Why a Ceiling Fan Won’t Turn On

Has your ceiling fan completely broken? Has the fan stopped turning even though the light fixture works, or vice versa? Our electricians can determine the cause, electrical or otherwise.

The most common reasons for a broken ceiling fan, as in the blades not moving at all, include:

  • No power (tripped breaker or blown fuse)
  • Loose wall switch connections
  • Loose connections in the ceiling
  • Broken remote or dead battery
  • Blown motor or capacitor
  • Broken fan speed switch

Other Common Ceiling Fan Issues

Some of the most common complaints about ceiling fans relate to wobbling or strange noises. Tighten any screws that you can reach to troubleshoot. The noise may simply be a jiggling fan blade or a loose light cover getting knocked around.

Lots of other things can go wrong. If your ceiling fan can only work at one speed or reverse direction, you may need a new speed switch or a new motor. If the fan turns itself on and off, we may need to rewire it or reprogram the remote.

Jaffe Electric can also fix overhead light fixtures that won’t turn on or have a broken dimmer switch. We can make things illuminated and breezy, just as they should be.

Ceiling Fan Repair by a Licensed Electrician

Many ceiling fan problems can be fixed in just a few minutes, but the work itself requires wiring skill and electrical knowledge. Your quickest, best solution is to call a professional electrician to provide an answer in one short visit. Don’t waste a weekend or pay a handyman for several hours of work when Jaffe Electric could have fixed things in under an hour.

Repair or Replace a Ceiling Fan?

Many ceiling fan repairs simply need some knowledgeable servicing. The parts may be cheap, but you need a skilled electrician to rewire and secure everything.

We will have to recommend a ceiling fan replacement in many situations. A complete replacement may cost less than an intricate repair such as a completely broken motor or smoke-damaged housing unit.

Ceiling Fan Repair in MD, DC, & VA

Jaffe Electric performs ceiling fan repairs for all kinds of standard fans, remote-controlled fans, and other overhead fan and light fixtures.

Contact us to request an electrician for ceiling fan repair in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or DC.

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